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1P Start Contest: Gamer Girls

by BB



1P Start is about to get a whole lot more beautifuler!

1P Start is proud to announce that we are going to hold a “Gamer Girls” contest for the entire month of May! Basically, if your a girl AND a gamer, then we want you for this contest. Read on for the rundown of what we need from you.

  • Pictures! We of course need pictures of the girls who are submitting their application. We require at least one picture to have some kind of gaming item and/or theme to it. Example: Posing with a Guitar from Guitar Hero. Wearing a hat that resembles the lovable Parappa The Rapper. Dressing up like Princess Peach. You get the idea. You may submit as many or as few photos as you like, but the more photos that are submitted, the better.
  • Stats & Bio! The stats we’re talking about is Gamertags, PSNetwork IDs, and/or Wii Console Numbers. If you’ve got either, send them in! Also, a short bio about yourself would help.
  • Contact info! We require you to submit some kind of contact information (screen names are ideal) so we may contact you in order to conduct a short interview which we will edit accordingly and post for your submission
  • No Links! If you are somewhere and you can’t access your pictures, please hold off on your submission until you can submit a proper Bio & photos.

    And that’s pretty much all you have to do. We will be accepting submissions for the contest starting today, May 1st, up until Wednesday, May 23rd. Then on May 24th we will take a poll in which all of the 1P Start readers will vote who their favorite gamer girl is. The poll will close at 11:59pm May 31st, the votes will be tallied, and the winners of the contest will be announced on June 1st.

    Prizes: The top 3 girls will receive a cash prize. 1st Place gets $250. 2nd place gets $100. And bronze gets $50. The 1st Place winner will also get a photoshoot with a photographer in their immediate area.

    Oh yea, send all submissions to [email protected]

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    83 Responses to “1P Start Contest: Gamer Girls”

    1. Babylinda Says:

      Yayy! Finally! I have to get on the ball now!

    2. somewhat Says:

      When do us gamer guys get a shot at the money ? LOL. Looking forward to this contest, as everyone’s a winner, the girls for competing, and us guys for watching. ;-)

    3. Babylinda Says:

      Yea! There should be a gamer stud contest!

    4. Faith Says:

      Oh yeah, I love a contest that willing to make female gamers reduced to a bunch of sex objects and “chicks”. That’s what real gamers want to be.

    5. BB Says:

      @Faith: I made sure not to use the word “chicks” in the contest because I know some female gamers don’t take kindly to that word. This is supposed to be a fun contest and at least we are offering prizes to the winner. Some other sites just want girls to send their pictures in with no form of compensation. We at least are rewarding the winner of the contest here :)

    6. Kezins Says:

      Faith, we never mentioned sex objects. This is supposed to be fun like cosplay.

    7. Marie Says:

      Yes, because pictures and “stats” that include measurements is so much more like cosplay and less like Playboy.

      Except, you know, NOT.

      This is disgusting.

    8. Kezins Says:

      yeah stats like eye color is real disgusting. Everyone has a right to an opinion and we are not allowing nude shots of any kind, so I don’t think it’s like Playboy. This was just supposed to be a fun contest..nothing too serious.

    9. Kezins Says:

      personally I respect women that game and do not consider any of them to be sex objects or anything of the sort. If you have read any of my articles in the past, I am always against the stereotypes.

    10. mrjuandrful Says:

      Yeah, I think the women are right. This sexy photoshoot is disturbing in every way possible.

      I would rather, women submit photo’s of vacuuming the living room or cutting up potato’s. You know REAL women pics in their natural habitat, not this disrespectful contest.

    11. hermit Says:

      I’m not qualified to enter the contest? I’ll have to find another way to show off my pretty legs…oh, and personality of course.

    12. Babylinda Says:

      What is wrong with brainy women showing that they can be beautiful inside and out? Women who think otherwise have to take a good look at themselves in the mirror.

    13. Kezins Says:

      hermit.. you can go ahead and dress up as a female character and enter.. that would be kinda funny and i’d have no problem with it.

    14. BB Says:

      I never knew asking a woman for measurements was such a problem. It’s not like it’s something that isn’t noticeable. As well, we don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, so if a girl’s measurements is a factor, then she doesn’t have to submit them. But I don’t know why that would be a factor.

    15. Kezins Says:

      Well.. one of the things offered is a photo shoot in the contest. And actually I do work in the modeling industry on the side and measurements are almost always a requirement for shoots.. and we did not make it one here. I don’t know what your problem is here, but most people seem to think our contest is an excellent opportunity for many people.

      BB, she’s just trying to cause problems basically. If you have a problem with the site and would like to discuss it reasonably, email me at [email protected]

      I am open minded and always willing to listen to suggestions, but why come on here and try to bash our contest with nonsense reasons. We are not asking for Playboy style photos or ones with nudity. BB, Mazz and I would actually reject anything like that in a heart beat. We also respect and support female gamers. This contest is just fun and I just don’t understand why some people think it’s an attack on women. Obviously those who would say that do not read well, do not know what we are about and simply want to cause problems.

    16. somewhat Says:

      I have a list of friends that play Halo 2 on Xbox Live, our own sort of informal forum. And every once in a while we send pictures of ourselves to our online friends, for all to see. Some of these friends are women, and others are men. We’re far from model material, yet it’s fun to see what a person you speak to on live for 2 years looks like. Some have even gone to great pains to get a photo out, like not owning a computer and going to the local library to scan a pic and send it out. If we could get prize money, well that’d just be icing on the cake. If you don’t like this contest idea, there just isn’t freedom of speach for you to exploit, you can also choose to exploit the freedom of choice, and choose another site to read. Nobody is forcing you to send in a picture. If this is disgusting to you, then go critique the porn industry instead, as I’m sure they’re a much larger threat to you than this little contest. To everyone else, good luck with your pics. Sorry, but i just had to vent.

    17. Keith Says:

      I think it mught be a little less offensive if the stats were gaming stats, like xbox live ranking and stuff like that. Make it as much about the gamer in the girl, not the girl as a gamer. Because as we know girls dominate casual gaming:


    18. SAMANTHA Says:

      Okay i kno i have no right in saying anything on this subject but im a female gammer. An I can understand where faith is comming from a little bit! I just dont understand why you have to send in stats if your sending in pictures? Thats really confusing! An i understand that some people get offended easily about wat they look like… I mean i am pretty just im a big girl. I like who i am but my information is my personal stuff… there is no need for anyone to kno wat i weigh or how tall i am or how big my boobs are… thats rediculus… Its about the gamming an not about the looks. But my other opinion on this is if your not comfortable with wat you look like then dont enter the contest..

      but yea i kno thats alot an im sorry i just had to express my (own) opinion an i dont mean to offend anyone.. so if your feelings got hurt im sorry that isnt wat i was trying to do??


    19. Kezins Says:


      my feelings aren’t hurt. You expressed your opinion the right way. The stats thing was more for the photo shoot we are giving to the winner and that’s pretty much a standard. Personally, I don’t care about the stats.. I care more about the gaming element.

      The other person’s concerns here were edited for language, etc. which is what made me mad. I never mind a debate as long as it’s respectful. We are considering changing it a little to keep it less offensive, because our idea behind this is to promote female’s supposed to be fun and not a sex object thing.

      Personally, I don’t care about the traditional skinny model trend. I like big girls lol :)

    20. BB Says:

      I’ve updated the post and have removed the “traditional” stats. Now we’ll be asking for gaming stats.

    21. somewhat Says:

      Good on you, 1PStart. I like how your clever Sony-esque goat plan with falsely requiring body stats only to change them to gamer-stats later after all the free publicitycamme to fruition. I hope the so-called ”bigger girls” send in their pics too, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And everytime you look in the mirror… you get the picture(sic)…

    22. Yesenia Says:

      I really dont understand what the big deal was. And the comment from mrjuandrful was so stereotypical. For you to make a comment like that was ignorant. Your mind has not developed that we are not in the “old” age anymore where women just cook and clean and stay at home while the men go to work. We can do almost anything guys can and sometimes even better. And ladies if you dont want to put in your “measurements” then dont, its not a requirement. If it wasnt a contest and they were giving you $$ for photoshoot and you had to list everything down I bet you wouldnt even care.
      But thats besides the point now because he has changed it
      Happy now?

    23. Chad Says:

      LMAO @ the “controversy”.

      I like this idea, but I’m concerned about the size of the applicant pool. I have a feeling this contest is over before it even starts. Babylinda is a shoe-in.

    24. Kezins Says:

      Chad, don’t worry we will more than likely have plenty of applicants..i’m out of the loop a little, but i know we have several with images so far.

    25. Kezins Says:


      well said

    26. somewhat Says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I believe mrjuandrful was being sarcastic (or satirical, you pick).

    27. SAMANTHA Says:


      First I tried to add you on the myspace but that was a negitive but yea you should add me!! But yea I try to be very repsectful an i think i said it before its all about the games for me! I mean i dont really like the fact the “men” stereo-type girls when they play… I think its a bit rediculous!! And in fact the girls I play with are BEASTS! They could rape most guys we play with! I love playing halo and the stats thing didnt really offend me, I really dont care what people think like Keith said “Make it as much about the gamer in the girl, not the girl as a gamer.” Cause personally i dont play halo to tell guys wat i look like or get a guy! I PLAY TO HAVE FUN! AN I WILL MOST DEF ENTER THE CONTEST cause I RAPE lol JP but yea

      Samantha GT(SHAMOOOO)

    28. Yesenia (ACK Miss Tique) Says:

      Regardless if he was being serious or not, I dont think he should have made that comment because not everyone will be sure of the message he is trying to portray.

      I have submitted my application for quite some time its not over before it begins ;) lol

      No problem Kezin, people were just getting to me because they are making such a bid deal about nothing.

    29. Babylinda Says:

      I agree 100% with you Yesenia and Juan is just a goofball I know him personally he is very machistic lol

    30. Kezins Says:

      yeah I know he was just kidding. Mr. J is a cool guy.

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    33. Yesenia (ACK Miss Tique) Says:

      Thanks sooo much for the interview….the pic of J-Rab and I is sooo funny lol

    34. Afinity Says:

      Too bad this contest isn’t near Halloween! I’m going to be my WoW Character :)

    35. hermit Says:

      If I get a sex change, would I qualify? Yeah, I’m hard up for the cash. Damn shame if I got a sex change and ended up in third with only $50.

    36. Yesenia (ACK Miss Tique) Says:

      that link isnt showing her pics :(

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    38. Kezins Says:

      $50 might not cover a good sex change

    39. Babylinda Says:

      Give me $50 Ill do the sex change for you! Lorena Bobbit style ;) lol

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    41. Paul Says:

      Hate to weigh in late on this, but it was a very good move to get rid of the “traditional stats” as you can get entries from girls that are under eighteen (I didn’t see any qualifiers in the age range) and that’s not a really good thing to be asking teens.

    42. 1P Start » Blog Archive » 1PStart’s Gamer Girls Contest - bunnyXablaze Says:

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    44. 1P Start » Blog Archive » 1PStart’s Gamer Girls Contest Entry #6 - Miz Calamity Says:

      [...] Thanks to Miz Calamity for her submission and taking the time for the interview. If your interested in submitting yourself for our ‘Gamer Girl’ contest, check out the official announcement HERE! [...]

    45. Miz Calamity Says: interview just disappeared..:(

    46. 1P Start » Blog Archive » 1PStart’s Gamer Girls Contest Entry #7 - Diabla Says:

      [...] Thanks to Diabla for her submission and taking the time for the interview. If your interested in submitting yourself for our ‘Gamer Girl’ contest, check out the official announcement HERE! [...]

    47. Mrs Violence Says:


    48. ACK Miss Tique Says:

      yeah yours and bunnys is missing :0 lol
      Did you read mine?? :( *tear* lol

    49. Miz Calamity Says:

      her interview isn’t the only one missing..there are a few other girls who didn’t get interviewed either..BUT don’t get mad at Kezins, BB, or Mazz..they are awesome.

    50. Miz Calamity Says:

      I think the submissions should be extended to allow the girls who haven’t been interviewed yet to get interviewed! It will be fair to them.

    51. ACK Miss Tique Says:

      yeah. No Mrs Violence emailed her stuff but hasnt gotten an interview yet thats what she is talking about.

    52. ACK Miss Tique Says:

      some people couldnt find the vote button either. So whats going on?

    53. Lordstylz Says:

      Ummmmm…… where’s the vote button i’ve been looking for a few days now. At least let people know if u are stalling or just having issues.

    54. Babylinda Says:

      I wrote to 1pstart and they said that the contest is on hold until they find new writers.

    55. DaveP Says:

      You wrote to 1pstart? Couldn’t you just ask your boyfriend what the deal is?

    56. DaveP Says:

      @BB ah got ya mate, that does make sense. I wasn’t dissing your good lady, just wondering why she wouldn’t just ask you what was happening with the contest.

      As for me becoming the new writer, probably not such a good idea, although I suppose I could give it a go. I have a different style from you guys, which may not go down too well with the current readership. Also, I don’t have the time to devote to it, certainly not more than 10 posts a week. It would mean dropping one of my other blogs. Hmmm, I’ll think on it though, I did ask for 1pstart if you ever left lol ;)

    57. Mrs Violence Says:

      hmm well they should have made a public announcement of the delay. cause everyone was basically left in the dark. and, i dont know about all of u, but im afraid of the dark, so please turn the light back on and lets see some VOTING!!!

      hee hee

    58. Babylinda Says:

      First of all Dave, yes I meant 451 press and yes I did ask them to post an update. Also BB is no longer a part of 1pstart of 451press so he is as clueless as anyone else. See how you are with the comments always Dave. Tone it down a notch.

    59. Kezins Says:

      I am definitely sorry how the contest has gone down. If there was something I could do, let me know.

    60. Miz Calamity Says:

      that makes sense now :] okay..well..just wondering if once they get new writers are they going to interview the girls that submitted before the deadline? since they DID send in their stuff before hand?

    61. Lame Says:

      This is ridiculous. The writers of this site should be ashamed of themselves for the way they completely abandoned this contest, their readers, and the site as a whole.

    62. Chad Says:

      I’m voting for that bunny chick if this thing ever starts again.

    63. Miz Calamity Says:

      they didn’t abandon the site, their readers OR the contest. They wanted to stay until the contest was finished was the guys who own the site who booted them. So if your going to get pissed off do it towards them not the writers. And if their readers like them then they can just..let me think…go to their new site? But that must be such a hard concept for you to actually visit a new url..your name fit you perfectly “Lame”

    64. Lame Says:

      By url, are you referring to That site is GARBAGE.

    65. Babylinda Says:

      I agree Miz Calamity they did in fact want to finish the contest and gave 2 weeks notice prior to the contest ending and they just logged in a few days after and noticed they were locked out of their site without previous notice. They did in fact want to finish the contest . Now that there is a new writer hopefully 451 press will own up to their side of the bargain and have him finish the contest. I will try writing to them again! :)

    66. Lame Says:

      Can someone please post the details of what went down? It seems like a few people know but nothing has been formally posted on this site.

    67. Paul Says:

      They got a different gig. That’s about it.

    68. ACK Miss Tique Says:

      Lame it is all posted above. Just read what BabyLinda and Dave were talking about and you will understand. But yeah Paul summed it up to the T :)

    69. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Want to be a 1PStart GamerGirl? Says:

      [...] Are you a girl? Do you just LOVE gaming? Do you own so hard that it is just unbelievable? Do you think you have what it takes to be the next 1PStart GamerGirl? Then write a few paragraphs about yourself and why you think you should be the next GamerGirl. If we think you are the one, then you will win a full interview with 1PStart, a “The Darkness” prize package consisting of the full retail game, and a full-color graphic comic, and of course, the best bragging rights around. Full details and requirements here. [...]

    70. Babylinda Says:

      Just so everyone knows BB and Kezins were booted out before there 2 weeks notice was given if anyone chooses to blame them for the contest prize change. They had given 451 press 2 weeks notice so they can finish the contest and 451 locked them out the next day so they would not be able to finish it and to save themselves money. That is the real truth of the contest and the mixup! I cannot stand for lies and injustice. 451 is just digging 1pstart down to the ground with lies , plagiarized articles and even the guitar hero prize was never sent out to the winner. Ever since they booted BB and Kezins out early it has all been downhill.

    71. Magdalena Says:

      Damn, sad I did not see this post in may :( since I am a girl and a gamer … Good luck to all of you girls in the contest.

    72. Lame Says:

      Seriously, this site sucks balls now. What’s with the lies, deception, and lack of babes.

    73. Miz Calamity Says:

      I don’t mind the prize change I would just really like the contest finished to be honest :]

    74. ACK Miss Tique Says:

      So we have to resubmit huh? What we already did with our interview was for nothing, and now we have new rules and we have to submit it in, is that correct?
      Also the link isnt working to check out more information

    75. Lame Says:

      The interviews were junk anyway. Everyone knows this is about the sexual exploitation of female “gamers” so the nerds at home can see hot babes.

      Get on with the babes.

    76. Anon Says:

      @Miz Calamity: You are a fucking retard. Your telling me you would rather accept a fucking copy of “The Darkness” rather than $250 which can buy you like 4 or 5 copies of The Darkness? You really are fucking retarded

    77. Goober Says:

      So is someone who says your instead of you’re.

    78. ACK Miss Tique Says:

      What was wrong with the interview?

    79. Kezins Says:


      Exploitation was not the original intent, but I think that’s what it has become. My personal opinion is the contest needs to be finished out the way it was advertised. If I hadn’t been locked out of the site, that’s precisely what would have happened.

    80. Miz Calamity Says:

      @Anon:: Dude I didn’t participate in this contest because of the prize, I could care less, I really just did it because I thought it was a fun idea. And at this point I would really like the contest to be finished instead of it being delayed.

    81. tovorinok Says:


      Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


    82. Lame Says:

      Yes, indeed. This is a fabulous book. I agree with tovorinok.

    83. Kristin Says:

      Sorry to have missed the contest…hope you might be considering another one possibly next year or in the future?!

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