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Holy Crap I Own a New Sports Game

by Paul

If you know me well then you’re god damned lucky, because I’m so awesome. But that’s beside the point. One thing that defines me as a person is that I’m not big into sports and by not big, I mean almost totally uncaring towards almost all forms of athleticism. My only sports affiliations involves maybe going to a baseball or hockey game occasionally and even then most of my time spent at the game involves me not paying attention to what’s going on and thinking about spaceships or boobs.

This sports non-obsession seeps into the world of gaming. The only sports games I own are from the ancient era of the Sega Saturn (not counting the Atari sports titles I have), which I got on clearance. That’s why it’s crazy to think that I own NHL ‘08 for the PS3. I got the game through someone who gets games for free, so the savings here was incredible and helped influence my decision to own a new sports game.

So how is it? It’s pretty awesome. While I have no idea what a lot of the terminology or rules to hockey are, I pretty much know you’re supposed to put the puck in the net and the game handles that part pretty well. I like having my name on a jersey and hearing people cheering for me. It’s a nice change of pace from the taunting and general miserable vibes I’d receive in gym class or when I was in Little League.

One thing that I noticed if you are a sports nut is that EA puts real time scores and what not across the screen if you’ve got your PS3 hooked up to the internets. It’s a nice touch, though I’m not sure of what any of that jibber jabber scrolling across my screen means.

My only real complaint is that the game is only in 720p. Really, EA? In this day and age I can’t understand why the games made for high end consoles don’t take advantage of the fact that they can do true HD. Talk about lameness.

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