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Review: Lost Planet

by BB


Pros: Challenging, epic boss battles; non-stop action; Graphics are amazing; addictive multiplayer action will keep you coming back for more once your done with the single-player

Cons: Single-player can be completed in about 7 or 8 hours; some boss battles really require a lot of strategy and a lot of trial/error

Story: Lost Planet is Capcom’s latest sub-zero weather inspired third-person shooter for the Xbox 360. The game starts off on a remote planet known as E.D.N. III which the humans are attempting to colonize. At first, the colonization goes according to plan, but then the humans run into a problem. Mainly the huge bug-like alien creatures known as the Akrid. The humans battled the Akrid, and in battling the Akrid, the humans realized the insects had a substance in them that can be used as a thermal energy source, which in turn can be used as a source of heat and energy.


You play the role of Wayne, a snow pirate who was discovered under the snow and ice and also has amnesia of the events prior to being discovered. He does remember one thing though, the fact that his father is dead and was killed by a huge Akrid known as Green Eye. With the help of his newfound friends, he sets off to hunt Green Eye and avenge his father’s death.

Gameplay: The controls for Lost Planet take a little getting used to, but once you do, you won’t have to think twice on any of the moves. The one thing you’ll notice when playing this game is your character moves kind of slow compared to most games. Especially the shooting reticule. In most shooters, when you move the right-analog stick, your character moves along with the shooting reticule. In this game though, the shooting reticule is the main focus which may turn off most shooter fans. The problem I have with that is the reticule moves kind of slow, but Lost Planet helps compensate by highlighting any enemy that’s within a certain range so it’s easier to shoot at them. Once you get your shooting reticule to a certain point, that is when your character will begin to turn. One thing that does helps alleviate this are the RB and LB buttons. When pushed, your character will do an immediate 90º turn in either the left (LB) or right (RB) direction.


The addition of a grappling hook really helps in moving Wayne around as well. Pressing “X” will deploy your grappling hook, and if you grapple onto something, you’ll be pulled towards it at an increased speed. The way you would know if something is in range would be by the targeting reticule. When your in range, the reticule will turn green. Also, if you make a wrong step and fall of a mountain, your grappling hook will automatically engage and save you, but don’t rely on it too much because it won’t save you every time.

The weapons in the game vary, but there really isn’t much here we haven’t seen before. There’s the usual machine gun, shotgun, rifle, and grenades. But Lost Planet also introduces some new weapons. A gum grenade acts as a grenade, but it sticks to whatever it lands on. Disc grenades act kind of like a frisbee of death. As soon as it hits a person, it sticks to them until…well, “BOOM!”.


One thing that makes this game unique is the involvement of the VS. VS stands for Vital Suit and they’re these huge mechs that also vary. Some VS have great jumping ability, some are able to drill, and some can transform between being a VS and snow speeder. The addition of multiple types of VS really make you think which VS would be right for which situation. Another cool thing about the VS is the fact that you interchange the weapons that are mounted on the VS. So you can have one arm as a shotgun, the other with a laser, or maybe even attach both arms with rocket launchers to cause havoc wherever you go.

The inclusion of the necessity of collecting thermal energy in order to stay alive helps keeps the pace fast. Each time you are injured, the thermal energy that was collected will go towards healing yourself. Also, each time you use a VS, it will use up precious thermal energy. The moment that you run out of thermal energy, you are immediately ejected from your VS. As stated previously, the way to get thermal energy can be from killing Akrid, but you can also get a boost of thermal energy from activating posts that you run into during missions. These posts not only serve as a way of getting thermal energy, but it also shows you the direction you should be heading in to get to the next post, and ultimately the end of the mission.

Graphics: The graphics for this game are simply amazing. The snow reacts and sounds amazing. Each and every nut and bolt is visible in all of the VS. The explosions and smoke in this game are the best I’ve seen in any game so far. If you still didn’t get a high def television set after getting Gears of War, this would be another great reason to save up for one.


Multi-player: The multi-player mode is addictive and enjoyable each and every time you log in. Like most Xbox 360 games, this one carries ranked and player matches, with all of the achievements unlockable through ranked matches. Every time you play ranked matches, all of the points that are achieved through either killing your enemies or capturing a post go towards your overall multi-player points. As you continue to play, you will increase in levels. The higher the levels, the more additional features are unlocked such as a new type of clothing pattern for your character or a new character altogether.

The game types come in four different flavors: Elimination, Team Elimination, Post Grab, and Fugitive. Elimination and Team Elimination are the usual Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch rules. Post Grab involves two teams frantically working towards activating all six posts located in the map. The game ends in one of two ways: If one team controls all of the posts or if time runs out, then the team with the majority of the captured posts wins. In fugitive, the host of the game is the “fugitive” and the rest of the players hunt him down.


Conclusion: So you read through my review and now you want to know what I personally think about Lost Planet. Well, Lost Planet is either a hit or miss, depending on who you are. The story really is non-sense, you can play through the game without really paying attention to the story. Most Capcom adventure games aren’t known for their in-depth story. Even though the story is nothing special, the game is fun and challenging on Normal mode. The boss battles are even more challenging and you get a huge sense of satisfaction when you take down an enemy that’s probably the size of a metropolitan city.

What I would recommend is to take a look at the single-player and multi-player demos that are available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. If you enjoy them, then I’d recommend you buy the game. If you don’t, then I’d say pass on the game, because if you can’t handle 10-15 minutes of how the game mechanics feel, you probably aren’t going to want to play it for a couple of hours. But, make sure you at least try this game, because you’d be missing out on an truly unique experience if you didn’t.

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61 Responses to “Review: Lost Planet”

  1. Tyler Beck Says:

    Well you convinced me. I can’t wait to pick this up (if I don’t win it of course). What really got me excited was the mention of epic boss battles. There are few things more satisfying in games than taking down a baddy 100x your size. I just got xbox live and this sounds like a blast to play online. Great review and see you on the battlefields.

  2. lance Says:

    hi im here for the contest? nice review.

  3. d3n7 Says:

    hope its better than fear

  4. Neehar Says:

    Hey it sounds like a game thats fun to play altough the story sounds like a hindi movie if you have seen any …
    hahahaa you know every movie has a villian who kills the heros dad or brother or mother and then the hero grows remembers the villian and kills him and gets his revenge hehehe sweet…
    Hope the Multiplayer is great

  5. Connor Says:

    Good article, that pretty much convinced me to try it out again. I played the online demo and wasn’t really impressed with the way it handled. Thanks

  6. legalkill Says:

    My kids liked the demo, maybe its worth a look.

  7. DEADLY KILL3R Says:

    Kool! I liked the SP demo and like Capcom games so ill go pick this up.

  8. KnottyMars Says:

    Its a shame that games are going the way of the 10 hours or so shooter. I was hoping that this was a longer game, but the graphics look cool and the multiplay sound like it would be fun. The demo was cool, Im not so worried about the engaging story, but some more multiplay modes and a longer game would be a nice trade off. I think Ill probably get this one.

  9. Kyle C Says:

    im really itching to play this game, but i cant decide with so many good titles coming up and now that college has started agian my spending money is a little tight. Thanks for the honest and unbiased review. i hope this contest brings more people to the site because this is the spot for the neutral review. Thanks

  10. Andrew Says:

    Good review. I definitely want to play this game. i liked the demo a lot and the graphics blew me away. I look forward to the huge boss battles.

    The shortness of it puts me off a little (i didn’t like the fact i beat GoW on casual in 8 or less hours) but i’m sure multiplayer will keep it going for a while. thanks.


    Good Review! It really is a hit or miss depending on personal gaming preferences. I was skeptical about the game and I said I wasnt going to buy it, but I just beat the game I was playing when Lost Planet came out so I bought it, and Im glad i did…The single player is short like you said, but it had kind of a Capcom/Resident Evil feel to it (character models and vagueness of some parts) as apposed to a stand alone Lost Planet. The Multiplayer is where it is at so far I have never bought a game and within 3 days of release I have probably logged in more than 30 hours online alone…something about it is just fun and addicting the battles are fast and explosive, and a mic is not necessary to enjoy online play. The MP levels are fairly repititive, but with multiple layouts for each map(at least 6 for each depending on game type)it adds some nice varity, and by the way tossing one of those sticky/frisbee granades on an enemys head is priceless online.

  12. Babylinda Says:

    Well I see that its more than just a playground of snow . I believe also there are different stages such as a volcanic stage correct? The whole concept of thermal energy seems cool, I am very into sci fi and games that are out of the norm . I would most likely play this in multi-player mode rather than story mode to be honest. The story really does not entice me for some reason. Excellent review! I am sure many that were debating on getting this game can now me a accurate decision and they will say Thank you BB! Thank you! and give the game a hug, a tear will follow then a kiss! It is a beautiful thing!

  13. Opdascope Says:

    Nice reveiw!!! Im gonna have to pick this one up!!!

  14. Esco Says:

    A great review, def tiupped me towards getting this game.

  15. Talus Says:

    This certainly has been a game I have been anticipating. After reading a couple of initial mixed reviews, it’s nice to see more favourable reviews coming out..time to pick up a copy!

  16. Corey Little Says:

    I really liked your review, i just had a few comments.

    You said for cons that the boss battles required strategy and trial and error. Most boss battles require strategy and being able to think outside the box. trial and error just means that it takes a few times to get your strategy down. I felt the cons were

    - Jumbled story line
    - Same old Run and gun action
    - Frusterating save locations.
    - Unclear achievments
    - The fact you need to do every stage on every difficulty to get the mark achivement. ( that really didn’t make sense to me)
    - Wtf is with having to select the storage device everytime you boot up the game.

    Anyway nice review. I look foward to reading more from you

  17. PacoDG Says:

    Good review. I agree with pretty much all that was said, especially about the storyline. I give Capcom points for attempting to throw in good cut scenes and what not, but I have no feelings for any of the characters, so that sucks. The end of the review sums it up .. “make sure you at least try this game, because you’d be missing out on an truly unique experience if you didn’t.”

    Now I hope I win this game, cause ive only rented it, and I want to own it! :D

  18. Syko 360 Says:

    That was a good overview of the story that made it sound good. Then later it was dismissed as non-sense, Must have been the presentation cause it sounded good on paper. Good review but think I might skip this one as I wasn’t a big fan of the demo’s. Thx BB

  19. mrjuandrful Says:

    It’s tough creating a new FPS or 3rdPS (First Person Shooter). Unless you can capture the audience with story and realism you will not succeed. The story does sound cool, like “The Day After Tomorrow”. except the huge bugs part.

    I would like to see more reviews. Great picture selections when discussing each point. The Pros/Cons in the begining can set the mood, you can sway your readers right off the bat. But it lets those lazy readers to get an impressions and scan through the pics. A caption uder the pics would add a nice flavor to what we’re seeing too.

    I’m sure the public would like a review on DOA2.

  20. Seb656 Says:

    Very good review. Im still not sure if this is my style of game. I dont really like the whole thermal energy idea.

  21. sR KnocKOuT Says:

    Excellent review. The singleplayer gaphics and gameplay are fab! Was undecided about this game but it has confirmed how great the multiplayer is.

    Hope to play with you sometime (not hinting at anything :P)

  22. FloppyY2K Says:

    I hope I win!

  23. PEDRO Says:

    The review is well writing and gives the reader a good understanding of what they are getting into. The game itself sounds interesting and kinda like a short HALO admirer. But all in all the review is good and I am going to play the game till it melts!

  24. Fabian Says:

    Like ALWAYS….your review matters to me…FOR REAL!! Free Game or Not…it seems VERY WELL WORTH IT! Like i said once to you, it didn’t intrest me at first, but the way u describe the game…it sound above average.

    Too bad single player sounds easy (like Causal Mode: Gears of War)….the online play sounds cool! Can’t wait for that one!

    Thanks Dude!


  25. Luke Says:

    “a” and “lot” are two different words.

    You need work on your grammar and spelling.

  26. sarcastic bastard Says:

    I have one eye,one ear,one arm,one leg,half a brain,my puppy just died from rabid squirrels,my parents are circus freaks(not my fault),a leaky bladder,hemroids,diarrhea,need two root canals,an arm pit body odor problem,uncontrolable gas problem,warts,hiccups,entire body rash,can’t see well out of my one good eye,no one to love me and the whole world hates me.Hope this doesn’t influence the decision.I said I wouldn’t enter but…I’m sarcastic bastard.Oh…nice review as well…for a young kid.

  27. Tyler Durden aka Kezins Says:

    too many games nowadays seem to lack in the single player department, but this still seems like a game worth trying out. These are the kind of multi player games that get me addicted.

  28. jeremy Says:

    sounds like the game is good even if it has a couple of problems

  29. Andrew Says:

    I played the E3 ‘06 demo and i absolutely loved this game.. i couldnt wait till the actual game came out. i played the multiplayer demo and was some what disapointed but that was only one level and im hoping that the others will make the game much better. nice review kid

  30. Ross Says:

    Well after playing the demos, I believe your review hit it on the spot. I completely agree with everything you have written. The bosses are simply amazing, and the explosion effects are enough to keep me going, looking for another rocket launcher, just so I can experience it again. Great Review!!!

  31. DickMcVengeance Says:

    Nice writeup, although I’m already convinced on getting it even before you wrote this. Entering myself as well, but I still need to get a 360…

  32. Lordimus Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your review, but I have to add that as a person who played the demo and wasn’t all that impressed I find the final release far superior. LP has been cleaned up quite a bit in many regards and the multiplayer is where it shines IMO. The fun factor of engaging mulitple players with a VC suit is instantly rewarding. A far different experience from GOW and Rainbow but just as fun nonetheless. Pick it up right away and try it for yourself.

  33. DraconicDreams Says:

    Well, It’s hard to impress me with a review, but I must say you suceeded here. The explanation of the controls and the type of gameplay are definately not my speed, but my Fiance is even more interested than before we read this. It sounds like something I’d rent before buying to be on the safe side, although the grenade description got that, “Ooh, I WANT” reaction. I spend half my matches in Halo 2 trying (and oft succeding) to tag people with plasmas.

    The multiplayer really looks interesting, and I prefer a stratigic assault to just running in circles killing people. While the game’s rank remains to be seen, I give your review 4 out of 5 stars, and will be checking back with you in the future. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

  34. Zach S Says:

    I agree with your review. Not the best story ever, but a good game anyway. And the bosses are great.

  35. Blake Says:

    Great review. I totally agree.

  36. Big O Says:

    I think this game will be better then F.E.A.R. I’ve seen my brother play it and I have to say it looks very hot!

    Thanks BB for a most AWESOME review!!

  37. karla Says:

    haha. as soon as i read the word “pirate” i was sucked in. it looks cool but i’m a little horrible when it comes to some games. we’ll see i suppose. lol

  38. Angelo Says:

    Thanks for the review, I am looking forward to getting this game!

  39. joel creme Says:

    being thta its capcom and naything and evrything thye touch in the action gengre enevr fails,i b think this game is gonna be the springs hit untill feb or march.atleats for the 360

  40. certandeath Says:

    thanx for the great review, iam really looking foward to playing this game

  41. heather Says:

    can you see this now?!?

  42. Rob Says:

    Great Review game looks GREAT! demo was fun.

  43. Scott Says:

    Excellent review of a great game!!

  44. autoexecw0rm Says:

    Very well written review. I have played my neighbors copy a few times. But, I dont get to play it whenever I want. It would be cool to win this and be able to play with him at the same time.

  45. Melissa Says:

    I can’t wait to get this game.

  46. Todd Says:

    I’ll play it.

  47. Seb656 Says:

    Congratz to whoever won!

  48. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Contest Reminder: Read My Lost Planet Review, Win Lost Planet Says:

    [...] [...]

  49. Deku Says:

    I love this game. The full game is better than the demo. I borrowed it from work but I have to return it in a day so I have to make a decision if I want to buy it or not.

  50. BB Says:

    I say you should buy it, I mean, I’ve been playing the Single-player on and off, but I just can’t get enough of the multi-player

  51. Jesse Says:

    I agree with your review, Lost Planet is a great game with the primary downfall being the short campaign. However, even though it can be completed in 8 hours, you will more than likely spend more time due to the difficult boss battles. To sum it up LP is basically an old school shooter with supurb next gen graphics and additive multiplayer games.

  52. steelreign 2020 Says:

    i think the game is a excelent game i my self find the controls not hard at all to get use to, infact to me the control is way easier toget use to then gears of war.all in all the game is deffenetly a game to pick up if just for online play only…

  53. BB Says:

    Yea, and if you don’t like how it plays, you can always adjust the controls. I customized my controls and now I do a lot better in multi-player games.

  54. Wes Werner Says:

    This game looks great. By the way you have descirbed it, this game looks like it kicks major @$$!!

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