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Games I Demand: Mechassault 3

by Paul

If there was one game that defined my early life as an XBox Live gamer, it was Mechassault. I spent countless hours on Live playing the game. I even belonged to a clan for a short while. Damn, that was a long time ago.

Mechassault 2 was supposed to be a bigger and badder version of the first game. Instead, they completely screwed it up. The worst problem in my book was the fact that each match had you starting as a pilot that needed to scramble to a mech. This completely took out the fun of choosing what mech you wanted to play. Lame. Yes, it had some good points, but overall it was a huge failure and it definitely didn’t have the durability of the first game. It was perhaps one of my biggest gaming disappointments to date.

It’s beyond time to whip out Mechassualt 3 and fix the franchise. The graphics upgrade alone would be worth it. Think of detail that could be put in the maps, explosions, and weapon effects now. Mix and match the good parts of both the original and the sequel, add some new mechs and wham, you have an awesome game. To sweeten the deal, they should throw in online ranking and unlockables sort of like in COD4. I’m not sure about having the weapons unlock, but you could do something along the lines of camo or other rewards.

While Peter Moore did say in an old IGN article that they weren’t making a sequel because the IP wasn’t as successful with the second game, that’s not a reason to not resurrect the series. There’s a lot of potential here that shouldn’t be overlooked because the sequel was disappointing. Bring it back, Microsoft!

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3 Responses to “Games I Demand: Mechassault 3”

  1. #1atlas Says:

    Yes i thought i was the only one. Bring on the new mechassalt. The game has so many possibilities why in gods name have these big corps ignored this beast of a Game.

  2. #1atlas Says:

    bring back river city……..

  3. Jason P Says:

    I’ve never played those games on the xbox, but I did play MechWarrior 2 & 3 on the PC. I really wish I could play online versions of those, against real people. *Fires PPC at unsuspecting civilians*

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  • Games I Demand: Mechassault 3
    If there was one game that defined my early life as an XBox Live gamer, it was Mechassault. I spent countless hours on Live playing the game. I even belonged to a clan for a short while. Damn, [...]
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