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1P Start ‘Gamer Girl’ Contest Entry #1: Miss Tique

by 1P Start



The first submission for 1P Start’s Gamer Girl contest is Miss Tique from the ACK Ladies clan. Here’s a brief rundown of Miss Tique,

  • Real Name: Yesenia
  • Age: 20 (turning 21 in July)
  • Xbox Live Gamertag: ACK Miss Tique

1P Start sat down with Miss Tique for a little chat and to see what makes her tick. The full interview follows after the break.

1P: First off, how old are you because you seem kind of young in your pictures

Miss Tique: 20…turn 21 in july :-D. I’m excited, not for the drinking, but just to get into places lol. I like to just go out, shoot some pool or go out dancing. Just kick back and relax.

1P: I’m surprised, most “kids” love to drink and go nuts on their 21st

Miss Tique: haha nope, I’m good. I think I’m done with that already

1P: I’m not a drinker at all either, my only “addiction” is gaming

Miss Tique: I’m not an alcoholic. I can drink very heavily if i wanted to. I don’t drink unless I’m out at a bar.

1P: So your a social drinker?

Miss Tique: Yup


1P: So what is your all time favorite game ever ever? Like if it’s a rainy day, something you can always play and enjoy

Miss Tique: HAHA….of course Halo. Halo all the way

1P: How long have you been playing games for?

Miss Tique: since duck hunt(nintendo). I used to put the gun up against the screen to shoot those damn ducks. And i loved playing super mario.

1P: Yea, I think I even might have missed a couple of times even while putting the gun up to the screen too. Damn ducks, they knew how to move pretty well

Miss Tique: There was also this track game for NES where it came with the pad and you would be in track and actually have to jump up and down to jump over the hurdles.

1P: Oh yea, I remember that one. Where the first guy you ran against was called “Turtle”, and then “Rabbit”, and then the hardest, “Cheetah!”

Miss Tique: yeah haha. Man…those were the days. Since the NES, I have been through every system ever since.

1P: Even the N-Gage?

Miss Tique: Nope. Let me rephrase that, ALMOST every system.

1P: Man, N-Gage never gets no love

Miss Tique: Haha..oh well. I got the smallest violin playing just for you.

1P: Yea, I really have to remember to sell my N-Gage stock


1P: So how many tournaments have you attended?

Miss Tique: Well, I just started this year actually

Miss Tique: I’ve always been a casual gamer since I go to school and work, but i finally said screw this…I’m gonna do what i love and enjoy it. So now I’m going pro

1P: That’s the way to do it, to hell with work and school, follow your dreams and play games kids!

Miss Tique: Haha, I still go to school. That’s still my #1 priority

1P: Oh…right…stay in school kids…but play games… the extreme!

Miss Tique: Haha

1P: You said you just started your professional gaming career, have you had any big victories yet?

Miss Tique: I would say yes, the big victory is going to my first tournament and paying out of pocket, but not with the games, I just did FFA (Free For All). FFA is just luck on where you spawn and the people around you

1P: True


Miss Tique: People stole all my kills, I had like 40 some assists

1P: Quick: SNES or Genesis?

Miss Tique: Genesis

1P: Oooo…let me guess, because of their cool slogan “Genesis Does What Ninten-Don’t” ?

Miss Tique: Nope, i just liked the games. I had them both, but each one had their goods and bads.

1P: True, but ultimately you side with Genesis

Miss Tique: Yea. Even though now that I think about it, I loved playing Zelda on SNES. And I LOVE Mario Party. I think i have to change my answer now.. haha.

1P: Yea, Genesis or SNES is a hard decision

1P: What’s your favorite console in the current gen?

Miss Tique: 360, gotta have my halo


1P: You heard it here folks, if you own a 360, your guaranteed to meet ladies

Miss Tique: Well thats how i met my fiance. Through Halo. So it’s true.

1P: Oh wow, he really struck gold with you

Miss Tique: Haha, i guess so.. thats what everyone tells him

1P: I think that’s every guy gamer’s dream.. to meet a girl playing a game and get together.

Miss Tique: Yeah definitely, every guys wishes that

1P: That’s why we’re always so angry when we play, because every game is a sausage fest. And when a girl is in there, we begin to hit on her.

Miss Tique: yeah, some guys just talk bad about us though calling us fat, sluts, anything you can think of has been said to me.

1P: You’ve been called Chester Cheetah too?

Miss Tique: Haha..yeah all the time.

1P: Damn…gamers can be so cruel. It all comes with the territory.

Miss Tique: It will just get better hopefully as time progresses. I think there are more guys that are accepting of girl gamers now then 2 years ago. The rest just have to realize, we are girl gamers, we can play with the “big boys” and be good at it..and most importantly we are here to stay.

1P: If you can relay one message to all the girl gamers out there, what would it be?

Miss Tique: Game on girls, and don’t let any man bring you down!

Thanks to Miss Tique for her submission and taking the time for the interview. If your interested in submitting yourself for your ‘Gamer Girl’ contest, check out the official announcement HERE!

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12 Responses to “1P Start ‘Gamer Girl’ Contest Entry #1: Miss Tique”

  1. Ben Sanderson Says:

    nice contest. can i enter?

  2. daniel fullarton Says:

    hey….didnt mention me:(

    i was the first person to kick your ass in a game of halo



    great interview!

  3. daniel fullarton Says:

    on xbl

  4. Yesenia (ACK Miss Tique) Says:

    thanks fullarton, yes you beat me a few times when I started out with my “Halo Career” lol

  5. The Smurf 21 Says:

    Very nice there lady!

  6. Yesenia (ACK Miss Tique) Says:

    Thanks Smurf…dont forget to vote for me on May 24th!!! :)

  7. Master Ody Says:

    Nice interview tiquitorch! You forgot to mention the Master Teabagger who always “picked you up when you were down” =)

  8. Yesenia (ACK Miss Tique) Says:

    haha, too funny

  9. Yesenia (ACK Miss Tique) Says:

    Dont forget to vote for me on May 24!!! :D

  10. Babylinda Says:

    I still owe you a game o Halo! Do you Have DDR Universe yet?

  11. ACK Miss Tique Says:

    no I dont :(
    I know I suck lol. I have guitar hero though,not that it will do much

  12. Jeffrey Morrison Says:

    you so hot babe

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