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1PStart’s Gamer Girls Contest Entry #7 - Diabla

by Mazz



  • Name: Vanessa
  • Age:20

    The seventh submission for 1P Start’s Gamer Girl contest is ‘Diabla’. 1P Start sat down with her to ask a few questions. Check out the full interview below.


    1P: First question, how old are you and how long have you been gaming?

    Diabla: 20 and I’ve been gaming since I was 5-6.

    1P: What were your favorite games then?

    Diabla: Sonic the Hedgehog and then later Pit Fighter.

    1P: So a Genesis fanatic?

    Diabla: Of course. It was my first!

    1P: What do you think has kept you interested in gaming for so long?

    Diabla: To be honest, I’m not sure. I was always surrounded by it by playing at home and gaming at friends houses. It was always fun to do, except when I lost in fighting games.

    1P: So what systems do you own now?

    Diabla: Xbox and Ps2. I have had a Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Playstation 1, and I think an Atari.

    1P: So what are your favorite games?

    Diabla: Of all-time? I’d have to say Resident Evil, but now it’s Halo 2.


    1P: Do you play in tournaments? Are you a part of any gaming clans?

    Diabla: I’ve participated in unofficial online tournaments hosted by KSI and OTourneys. But will be competing and attending my first MLG in August for MLG Chicago. As for gaming clans, I very recently resigned from the Valkyries of Arcadia and am in between clans right now.

    1P: What is it like being a girl in such a male-dominated environment?

    Diabla: At times, it’s cool. Because I am competing in an environment that is mainly male-dominated, so that counts for something. But other times, especially when playing over Xbox Live, it’s annoying. Just for being a girl, you get ridiculed so badly at times.

    1P: Can you describe a time you got ridiculed?

    Diabla: A day or two ago, actually. My best girl Ashlee and I were playing Double Team. And it was a 2vs2 Slayer Human game on Warlock. The guys got on my case so badly, which was funny, because I went 19 and 4 on them. I was the most dominant one in that game.

    1P: On your case for being a girl? What sort of things did they say?

    Diabla: Oh that I was a fat bitch, to go back to eating my doughnuts, things like that. I just said, “Really now? Who’s killing you then?”

    1P: Last question, who is the cutest writer for 1P Start? I hear that Mazz puts Brad Pitt to shame.

    Diabla: Hmmm. I hear Mazz is pretty cute. He’s even cuter than Brad Pitt.


    Thanks to Diabla for her submission and taking the time for the interview. If your interested in submitting yourself for our ‘Gamer Girl’ contest, check out the official announcement HERE!

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11 Responses to “1PStart’s Gamer Girls Contest Entry #7 - Diabla”

  1. Miz Calamity Says:

    this is one hot chick right here ;)

  2. bunnyXablaze Says:

    Genesis ftw!

  3. Babylinda Says:

    aww your’e so cute! Mazz sure has his way with the ladies I have heard ! I have a question what is that attracts girl gamers to Halo so much? I like the game but am more into Gears of War, Condemned and Call of Duty for some reason. I just like games that think outside the box and are weird and spooky! lol

  4. Miz Forbidden Says:

    I love Diabla!! You are such a hot girl!

  5. Miz Calamity Says:

    Halo is a good way to relieve stress I guess lol I’m DEFINITELY in LOVE with the Halo 3 Beta :] FYI I pown Diabla in Halo 2 lol ILY girl!!!! lol Pokemon FTW!

  6. Mrs Meyer Says:

    I would be more interested in getting my GED.

  7. Diabla Says:

    Mrs Meyer,
    If it’s who I think it is, grow up. Move on. ‘Nuff said.

  8. ACK Miss Tique Says:

    Good job Vanessa!!!! :)

  9. Miz Calamity Says:

    Mrs Meyer quit worrying about what other people want to do with their lives and just deal with your own. Its her choice whether or not she wants to go for it not yours so quit your complaining

  10. Diabla Says:

    Hey Mazz,

    For the question, “Do you play in tournaments? Are you a part of any gaming clans?”, can you edit my answer to “I’ve participated in unofficial online tournaments hosted by KSI and OTourneys. But will be competing and attending my first MLG in August for MLG Chicago. As for gaming clans, I very recently resigned from the Valkyries of Arcadia, but am now the head of the Halo 2 division for TheGamerGirls gaming community.”

  11. Diabla Says:

    Annnd. You need to add my XBL gamertag. :]

    TGG Miz Diabla.


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