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1PStart’s Gamer Girls Contest Entry #4 - Babylinda

by 1P Start



  • Real Name: Jennifer
  • Age: 24
  • Gamertag: Babylinda

The fourth submission for 1P Start’s Gamer Girl contest is ‘BabyLinda’. 1PStart sat down with BabyLinda to ask her a few questions. Check out her full interview below.

1P: First off, How old are you and how long have you been gaming?

Babylinda: I am 24 years young! I sound like an old fart huh!? I have been gaming since I was 5! No lie.

1P: Already a gamer at 5? I’m guessing you owned an NES?

Babylinda: Atari, and Commodore 64. My father raised me and was very into electronics, gadgets and science. I never had a NES. I skipped from Atari to SNES!

1P: What were your favorite games?

Babylinda: Clay Fighter, Super Mario World, and Aladdin!

1P: Aladdin was great, I always thought it was really challenging.

Babylinda: Funny story, my dad said he would buy it for me if I passed the level with the lava. I did, and he had to buy it!

1P: So what is your favorite game of all-time?

Babylinda: My favorite game ever is a tie between Super Mario World and Condemned.

1P: Condemned? Most girls would say Animal Crossing, or The Sims. Would you say you have a pretty eclectic taste for games?

Babylinda: Very, very eclectic. I enjoy everything from Elite Beat Agents to Tekken, House of the Dead 4 to Nintendogs.


1P: So what systems do you own now?

Babylinda: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PS2, and Xbox 360. I am holding off for the PS3 until the game roster improves.

1P: Do you have a favorite? Or, what’s your favorite game at the moment?

Babylinda: My favorite game is a tie between Dance Dance Revolution Universe and Guitar Hero 2. I love and adore music and dancing, so it is a nice mix of the two.

1P: How long have you been playing DDR?

Babylinda: I have had DDR since I was a Sophmore in High School, when only the Asian kids knew about it! I would even throw Pizza/DDR parties at my house. So people could get familiar with the game. Great source of exercise! I tell all my model friends to get it!

1P: So have you been to any actual gaming tournaments?

Babylinda: No, not as yet, but I am part of the GamerChix clan, PMS and Ack Ladies!

1P: Final Question. What game are you most looking forward to?

Babylinda: I would have to say Left 4 Dead! As always I love blood thirsty zombies and villains chasing after me!

Thanks to Babylinda for her submission and taking the time for the interview. If your interested in submitting yourself for your ‘Gamer Girl’ contest, check out the official announcement HERE!


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16 Responses to “1PStart’s Gamer Girls Contest Entry #4 - Babylinda”

  1. Chad Says:

    Contest over.

  2. KB Klash Says:

    I’m with Chad. That’s the Babylinda that posts here? Good lord…

  3. somewhat Says:

    A couple of those pics had Kezins written all over them. Am I wrong ?

  4. Babylinda Says:

    Yep it is me , I put alot of hard work into this contest! I had an all day shoot for it. I had been wanting to do a shoot for a while to show my gaming geeky side, so this contest was perfect! The Photographer was actually Mike Collado. He is truly amazing and has shot for Vida Guerra and other famous people, so I was honored to work with him! This shoot was one of the most successful and most fun also because I truly related to what I had to shoot. Also if any gals like the makeup it was done by Theresa Pryce of Amazing Faces!
    I have alot more shots that will be shown when the polls are up , so stay tuned! Thank you guys for your support and thank you 1pstart for giving me this opportunity!
    If you want to see more of my work you can also go to or

  5. Kezins Says:

    somewhat lol yeah u were.. i can’t get personally involved with the contest

  6. Teena Says:

    Hm…seems to be a conflict of interest here. Not that she’s not a beautiful and interesting girl, but isn’t that one of the writer’s girlfriends?

    Just thinkin’ out loud, not trying to be mean.

  7. BB Says:

    @Teena: There is no conflict of interest. The decision will be made by the readers, not the staff at 1P Start. If you read the announcement article, it states we will have a poll that will include all of the contestants and have the reader vote who their favorite is.

    Once again, we have no say in the decision of who the winner is and accept anyone and everyone for this contest. I think Mazz’s mom is planning to enter as well, and boy is she hawt!

  8. Mazz Says:

    Well obviously my mom is pretty. I had to get my amazingly good looks from somewhere.

  9. Babylinda Says:

    Yea Mazz you sure are a “ladies” man as I have seen in your pics!

  10. Kezins Says:

    yes we have no say so in the voting.. it’s the public who will be casting votes. We can’t hold anyone out of the contest

  11. Chad Says:

    How many more contestants are left?

  12. BB Says:

    @Chad: You’ll just have to wait and see ;)

  13. Rick at BentoBoxReview Says:

    Hey 1pstart! Just came across this great gaming site. I have been looking through several and this is definitely top notch.

    Anyways, if you are interested, I am giving away a Nintendo Wii on my website. There are lots of way to enter whether you are a blogger or just a casual reader.

    Check it out!


  14. Babylinda’s Blog » Blog Archive » BABYLINDA’S GAMER INTERVIEW FOR 1PSTART! Says:

    [...] [...]

  15. Willmatic Says:

    Wow, A sexy,smart, funny, dorky gamer. Wut is there not to like about her? Now if she plays FPS and RPG’s then i’d have to run for an engagement ring tonight ;-)

  16. Babylinda Says:

    I actually love FPS’S ! Doom , Condemned to name a couple . I also love the Final Fantasy series!

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