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First Details on Left 4 Dead DLC…

by Paul

Valve has released the first details on Left 4 Dead’s new Survival mode. The details were revealed on Game Trailers TV and while you could go over there and watch 21 minutes of internet programing for a couple of lousy details, I’ll just save you the time.

- Valve is opening up Death Toll and Dead Air for versus play, like they should have freaking done so we didn’t have to shell out more cash on top of the sixty bucks needed to play the game. How AWESOME!

- What you really will want though is Survival mode where up to four players survive against wave after wave of zombies on twelve different maps. It sounds a lot like Horde mode on Gears of War and if it’s at least a little like that, then I can foresee spending many, many hours on this new survival mode.

- Both these items are going to be available through DLC or by getting a special edition of the game that’s due out later this year.

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