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Nintedo Looking at Gloomsville

by Paul

I don’t write about Nintendo that much and for good reason, there’s not a whole lot of interesting Nintendo news. I know that the Wii is the top selling console and all that, but seriously there’s not a whole lot of interesting news about games. Almost everyone I know that has a Wii gets bored of it and complains about the lack of games. Well here’s some news: Nintendo has admitted that they expect to see a drop in profits due to the recession.

The article I got this news from, Gaming Insider, had some interesting (and truth based) speculation. It stated that Nintendo may be suffering due to the fact that while it’s competitors Sony and Microsoft have been banking on the strength of their game titles Nintendo software sales saw only 3% growth. This is attributed to the fact that the Nintendo Wii is targeted toward a casual crowd that is content with only one or two games whereas the other systems have an audience who actually like playing and buying games. And even if a casual gamer were to decide to buy a new game, there’s really not a lot out there besides a lot of garbage with a few gems hidden amongst the trash.

With such a casual crowd behind the system, it’s believed that in a recession that crowd could easily cut spending on games all together where the more hardcore market might have to slow down, but will make room for the newest and greatest titles.

Interesting stuff for a Friday? Maybe not, but still interesting nonetheless.

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One Response to “Nintedo Looking at Gloomsville”

  1. Esbat Says:

    that only means getting a slightly used Wii at a good price is good for me.

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