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Sony’s Catch Up to Live Still On the Way

by Paul

This Tuesday Sony announced that the firmware update version v2.36 would be coming and it finally hit the Playstation 3. This PS3 update is supposed to help system stability for select titles. While that’s fine and dandy, that still means we have to wait for the version that’s really worth waiting around for: version 2.4. If you aren’t familiar with that particular software version number (and I don’t blame you if you don’t) 2.4 will finally makes the XMB, a.k.a. the Xross Media Bar, a.k.a. the menu that’s spelled like it’s Xtreme to the max, available in PS3 titles themselves. 2.4 will also bring PS3 owners Trophies, which is Sony’s answer to the Xbox Live Achievements and will also make it slightly less sucky than Microsoft’s Live service. The PS3 2.4 upgrade is something that Live users have had for years and Sony should have had on day one of the PS3 launch. I also wonder if not every PS3 game supporting Trophies will make them less meaningful as much as Achievements and more as an afterthought. The fact that Trophies are coming is a nice touch though, because right now I own both systems and those little points you get for accomplishments in games are incredibly addicting and will often sway me to play the 360 version of a game over the PS3 version.

So exactly when is update v2.4 coming? Well it’s next in the queue, but Sony isn’t saying when that will be. This is perhaps the best move on Sony’s part. It’s better to remain incredibly vague than to disappoint Sony fanboys if there happens to be a delay of some sort. Why nail yourself to a deadline if something goes wrong in testing? So everyone be patient and wait just a little while longer for better features on Home. May I suggest earning some Achievements on Live in the meantime?

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