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Blogger Loses 16 Pounds In Six Weeks Using Wii Fit - His Mii Expresses Concerns For His Health!

by Dave Parrack

When Wii Fit was released in the states last month, not only did it sell out within days, it also prompted a new wave of fitness freakery and another way of people to attempt to lose weight. While some will doubt the ability of what is essentially a video game, to help you lose weight, one blogger’s experience with the game is nothing but positive.

Kris Abel, a blogger writing for CTV, details his experience with the game in the six weeks since he bought it, and reviews the software at the same time.

The most interesting and intriguing part of his post is where he tells of his Wii Mii’s response to him reaching his weight-loss goal of 16 pounds in six months in just six weeks.

“This past Sunday I reached my goal within Wii Fit. My Mii character appeared on screen with a little bit of fanfare to congratulate me and has expressed some concern that I’ve managed to lose so much weight so quickly.”

But 16 pounds in six weeks means that Kris only lost an average on 2.6 pounds a week, hardly a shockingly high figure. I know from experience how it is possible to lose up to 7 pounds in a week when you change your diet and fitness regime. Worse than that, how must it feel to be told off by your Nintendo console?!! A doctor is fine, a nutritionist maybe, but a bloody Wii? No thanks.

But this story does prove that Wii Fit can work, and work too well if anything. Not only has Kris lost the weight he wanted to, he is probably a little fitter, and had fun doing it in to the bargain.

Kris claims the game is easy and fun, but still managed to get him working up a sweat. And as an added advantage he managed to have the satisfaction that he had achieved something in a game, the target weight he had set himself. So even geeks will like this one.

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