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Rock Band Rejects My Wife

by Paul

My wife isn’t a gamer in the least, but like most non-gamers she does enjoy Rock Band. After my hard drive busted on my 360, the annoying task of unlocking all the new songs and creating new rockers fell upon us. I created a guy named “Paul” since I’m the most uncreative gamer in the universe. The wife likes to come up with more creative names that are more “rockish” and this time she created a brand new rocker from scratch with the name Jett Midnight. Immediately upon creation, Rock Band told us that “Jett Midnight” wasn’t classy enough to be listed on Xbox Live. Huh? We couldn’t figure out why. Aside from the fact that it’s a little corny, we could think of nothing inappropriate about the name. Out of curiosity I quickly Googled “Jett Midnight” to see if it was a porn star or a stripper name, which would help explain this strange reaction by the game. I found nothing inappropriate and I’m left wondering what’s going on.

Listen, I can understand the game rejecting a name like, “Traci Lords” or a band name of “Retard Strength” (which was the first band name choice my buddy Ian came up with), but just what the hell is wrong with Jett Midnight? I’m hoping that Harmonix is out there Googling Rock Band related news and what not, maybe they could provide the answer in the comments section below. In the meantime, I decided to test the game’s censors myself. I created a rocker chick with the name of “Crystal McTits” without a message saying that it was inappropriate.

Yep, Crystal McTits is okay whereas Jett Midnight is not. I think the answer is simple. Rock Band hates my wife.

Note: Santa’s helper up there is not my wife, though she could def pull that outfit off.

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2 Responses to “Rock Band Rejects My Wife”

  1. Chris Says:

    haha this little piece of news tickled my funny bone, as do many others that you do.

  2. Paul Says:

    Hey thanks Chris. Keep leaving comments if you like what you see here.

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    My wife isn't a gamer in the least, but like most non-gamers she does enjoy Rock Band. After my hard drive busted on my 360, the annoying task of unlocking all the new songs and creating new [...]
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