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Turok - New Information and Footage

by PacoDG

GUI J of Platform Nation was able to have a sit down with the game director at Propaganda, Joel Manners, who is working on the newest Turok. Some questions I know I had on my mind were asked and answered, and here is the cream of the crop of information from the interview:

  • 4 player co-op, with three specific co-op mission maps.
  • Dinosaurs will be part of the multiplayer game and will appear in all modes (a great quote from Manners on this, “Being able to lure hungry dinos toward your enemies is one of the most satisfying parts of our multiplayer experience“).
  • No cerebral bore.
  • Some DLC or update of some kind is on the horizon, but no specifics mentioned.
  • A lot more about the setting in Turok and why they decided to bring the franchise back out can be found at the full interview here. If you haven’t had enough Turok information yet, here is a new Gamersyde Diaries with lots of footage of the new Turok and some more on the development of the game:

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    One Response to “Turok - New Information and Footage”

    1. GUI J Says:

      Great link, with additional info.I am really looking forward to this game. Also thanks for the Digg.
      -GUI J

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