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Further Fallout 3 Thoughts

by Paul

Since I ran out of interesting news today, here’s an update on my progress on Fallout 3. I’m still addicted, but not as much as I was previously. I suppose it can be chalked up to the fact that you can only look in so many desks, file cabinets, and boxes before the process becomes tiring. I will say that the exploration and side quests have really kept my interest though, considering I’ve spend over fifty hours on the game and I haven’t even really begun the main quest.

One thing that has really bugged me and yet at the same time has made me happy is that the difficulty to defeat enemies seems much lower. I suppose I could change the actual difficulty, but why on Earth would I voluntarily do that? Don’t get me wrong, I still want to pee my pants when I see a Deathclaw, but it certainly doesn’t bring the same sense of dread that is used to on the original game.

An aspect that I really liked? After completing the Wasteland Survival Guide a random Wastelander told me his family was up to two meals a day because of my help with the book. That’s awesome.

Another not so awesome part? What’s with not being able to kill children? Lame!

Okay back to the game, I’ll update you more when news slows down again! I bet you’re excited.

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3 Responses to “Further Fallout 3 Thoughts”

  1. Jason P Says:

    I too am addicted. Almost done with the Wasteland Survival Guide, doing ALOT of exploring. Managing your inventory on a constant basis gets pretty old pretty fast though.

  2. Melanie>Meltron Says:

    After I completed the Wasteland Survival Guide people were pissed at me. They blamed me for killing their family since I lied to the quest giver about something or another. Meh

  3. Paul Says:

    @Melanie… wow that’s crazy. I wondered what would happen if I lied.

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  • Further Fallout 3 Thoughts
    Since I ran out of interesting news today, here's an update on my progress on Fallout 3. I'm still addicted, but not as much as I was previously. I suppose it can be chalked up to the fact that [...]
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