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Harmonix: No Rock Band 3 For You!

by Paul

It’s been awhile since I posted any Rock Band news that was worth a damn, but today is different. Harmonix has stated that there will be no new Rock Band game in ‘09. Why? Well do we really need one? The last game was a slight upgrade with new songs. Harmonix said, “…the annual cycle places limits on the choices you can make as a developer.” Well no crap. Would you rather have a slight update every year or a really damned cool game that gives you enough reason to drop 60 bucks every few years? It’s not like new songs don’t come out every single week. So spend about 60 bucks on DLC and that’s your personal Rock Band 3.

Don’t get scared though, it doesn’t mean that we’ll never see a Rock Band 3. It’s just not officially in development right now.

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2 Responses to “Harmonix: No Rock Band 3 For You!”

  1. Kjersti Wasiak Says:

    I am glad to hear they are not going to hastily make a Rock Band 3. They really did not make enough of a difference in Rock Band 2 to make it worthwhile, although I can see that they did not really give themselves much time to make it better. It is good that there is DLC, as it keeps the game fresh without having to buy a whole new game.

  2. Esbat Says:

    I say keep putting out DLC and budget expansion discs out until then.

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