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Breaking: Devil May Cry 4 Headed to a PS3, X360, and PC Near You

by BB


Ahhhh…Devil May Cry 4. I remember back in January when I reported the possibility of Devil May Cry 4 making it to Xbox 360. It seems that Capcom has officially announced today that possibility is now a reality.

“Capcom is committed to making its titles available to as wide an audience as possible, and has been building its technology base to meet that goal. This announcement means that PS3, Xbox 360 and PC owners worldwide will be able to experience the latest installment of one of Capcom’s pillar franchises.”

And isn’t that what it’s all about folks? The current consoles are just too high in price to keep exclusives anymore. So I forsee more of this happening in the future because developers are in it to win it, and the wider their audience is, the more moneys they’ll get.

Expect the 360 version of DMC4 to come out alongside the PS3 version. For you PC folks, you’ll have to wait a little later for your version.

[Via Kotaku]

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The Next Generation of Capcom’s Smash Hit Action Franchise Comes to Next Generation Systems, PC

SAN MATEO, Calif — March 19, 2007 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that the highly anticipated Devil May Cry® 4, already in development for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3â„¢), is now also in development for Xbox 360â„¢ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and for PC. Each version of the game will be maximized to take advantage of the systems’ strengths, leading to a breath-taking visual and gameplay experience. Devil May Cry 4 will be released simultaneously for the PS3 and Xbox 360 system.

“Capcom is committed to making its titles available to as wide an audience as possible, and has been building its technology base to meet that goal,” said Mark Beaumont, executive vice president, officer and head of Capcom consumer software publishing in the Americas and Europe. “This announcement means that PS3, Xbox 360 and PC owners worldwide will be able to experience the latest installment of one of Capcom’s pillar franchises.”

From the producer of the original Devil May Cry® and Resident Evil® 4 comes the next installment in the hugely successful stylized action series that has so far achieved global sales of nearly seven million units. Devil May Cry 4 immerses gamers in a gothic supernatural world, where a new protagonist clashes with a familiar hero. As the new leading man, Nero, players will unleash incredible attacks and non-stop combos using a unique new gameplay mechanic, his powerful “Devil Bringer” arm.

With the advanced graphical capabilities of the next-gen systems, high definition visuals and intricate detail come to life as players explore new and exotic locales. Dynamic action and undeniable style combine with unprecedented fighting options and a gripping story to produce the incomparable experience that only a Devil May Cry game can deliver.

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15 Responses to “Breaking: Devil May Cry 4 Headed to a PS3, X360, and PC Near You”

  1. Ephraim Says:

    Sony May Cry, coming to a news story near you. I just hope MGS & Final Fantasy don’t jump ship, this is a major exclusive to lose.

  2. Mazz Says:

    There’s really no reason to buy both systems anymore. Looks like it’ll be a Wii60 world for me after all.

  3. Syko 360 Says:

    This is Sony fans worst nightmare behind Final Fantasy and MGS4 “Jumping In”. Seriously though how can the developers ignore the best attach rate in console history and on top of that the 10+ install base already in homes. I for one get a chuckle from these stories because I was a Sony guy all the way till the Xbox was $150 then I was like wow this thing is better than my PS2 (IMO). Then I took the leap and got a 360 on launch and have really never had a reason to look back. Plus with 6 Million 360’s sold in America and 3 Million copies of Gears of War sold in America it is hard to deny a Rabid fanbase like that. Hell, Sales were’nt that good for the last Devil May Cry and they had over 60-70 million PS2’s by that time. Either way another blow to a overhyped system.

  4. babylinda Says:

    He looks so different now oppose to the PS2 days. Also with all these games making it to the 360 makes the need of getting a ps3 a little less important.

  5. Ephraim Says:

    I totally agree that we’ll be seeing more of this because consoles are too expensive now and developers want to reach wider audiences, but it’s just my luck almost all of Microsoft’s hard hitters are made by Microsoft. I won’t be seeing the games I’d want from Xbox coming to PS3 (Halo, Gears of War, to name a few.), but I’m sure plenty of the games Xbox lovers would love to see come from the PS3 have a huge chance of coming, cause almost all of the PS3’s top exclusive titles weren’t made by Sony. Too bad.

  6. Syko 360 Says:

    Unless of course you want to watch movies, Because in the end thats the true motivation for Sony this time around. 360=Games, PS3=Movies - Then Games

  7. Mazz Says:

    I have yet to see a meaningful demonstration of either Blu-ray or HDDVD to make a valid argument for owning one.

  8. SSJGoku80 Says:

    Oh baby…..DMC4 coming to 360?!!! Sweet.

  9. Justin Conte Says:

    Another one bites the dust….yea yea…another one bites the dust.

  10. Mazz Says:

    I think if the 360 gets MGS too, the sony HQ might explode.

  11. Rist Says:

    And I thought Sony was going to pull themselves together after GDC…

  12. Mazz Says:

    At least it looks like they are winning the Blu-ray war. Maybe that’ll help.

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