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Devil May Cry 4 Producer Reveals New Information

by PacoDG

The Manager over at Gamersyde was able to nab aside Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the producer on Devil May Cry 4, and get some pretty detailed information on the upcoming game. Below is some of the highlights from the interview, click here to read that in full, for now, here are just the facts ma’am:

  • Dante and Neros playing styles are very different.
  • PS3/360 Versions = No Difference (we’ll see). Content wise, they will be the same.
  • The backdrops to the game are inspired by some staff traveling to “Italy, Spain & Turkey specifically to research the gothic architecture of castles, cathedrals and other great buildings found in these countries”
  • If the DMC series were to be put in a time line, DMC4 would be the third in the storyline.
  • Nero is the focus, Dante still plays a part in the story of course.
  • No to Marionnettes and Scissor Sisters
  • Yes to Frost and Assault.
  • No co-op or multiplayer modes planned.
  • No DLC planned (woo).
  • Bringing DMC4 to the 360 instead of keeping it a Sony exclusive was purely to bring the series to a wider audience, not because of the PS3 install base at the time the game was developed (yeah right).
  • No unlockable characters.
  • Possible DMC5 if this game goes well.

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    3 Responses to “Devil May Cry 4 Producer Reveals New Information”

    1. James Says:

      All the little jabs at the PS3 (i.e. the “Yeah Right” comment and a little bit in the “we’ll see” comment) just strengthens the argument that 1up is a pretty biased group. The only thing that happens to people like that is that they come off as being so OR they end up eating their own words. Keep it non-partisan, please.

    2. PacoDG Says:

      Just going by the track record of games that have been multi platform for 360/PS3, for some reason, PS3 gets screwed. I don’t wish it upon them, I think Sony themselves are working harder directly with the developers lately to ensure that the devs know how to use the PS3 to its full potential.

      I think Assassin’s Creed is a good example of Sony helping the developers and it made out to be a good product (with bugs equally on the PS3 version and the 360)

    3. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Devil May Cry Demo for Xbox 360 and PS3 Thursday Says:

      […] the Devil May Cry 4 news rains, it pours. While doing my usual gaming news surfing, I found this great news off which got […]

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