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1PStart Review: Winchester Myster House

by PacoDG

What is the Winchester Mystery House you ask?! Why that was the same question I asked my family as I was dragged along with them on my vacation this past week. Now that I have been, I can honestly say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

A quick summary, it is the house a wife of one of the Winchester gun people had made after her husband died and she inherited a massive fortune. For 38 years daily she paid workers to build this house because she was mental and thought that all the people who died because of the guns the family had made were haunting her. So she was to build a house and not stop building till she died. This house is crazy, it is over an hour guided tour that I swear feels like you are taking a tour of the Wonka factory. There is an f’n door that leads to nowhere (can be seen in this picture).

That is not the point of this review, what I did find was a pretty awesome, yet at the same time completely terrible, an arcade. The header picture at the top of this post you can see Street Fighter II, the sticks did not work. That was one quarter wasted. Below, you can see a Super Mario Bros arcade machine, I was ready to beat that bastard, until it ate my quarter because the start button didn’t work. Let that soak in real quick, a Super Mario Bros arcade machine! I have no clue how many are out in the world, but I assure you, I would have rather not seen the machine than to see it and find it not working.

Not pictured because I was already pissed, a broken original Marvel vs Capcom. Just like the Street Fighter machine, the sticks did not work, for both 1p and 2p. There was also a Simpsons four person machine which I dared not waste any more money on. I ended up spending about 4 bucks on a pinball machine, luckily I love pinball, but it still did not wash out the crappy feeling I left from the cock tease the Winchester Mystery House called their arcade. I want my money, time, and feelings back. Click here to get the address for the mansion to ensure you know where it is so you can never ever ever go there.

For this review, I must use JW’s new scorecard:

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2 Responses to “1PStart Review: Winchester Myster House”

  1. Chris Says:

    Wow, That’s friggin’ harsh

  2. darascon Says:

    I don’t think any place that has an acutal vs SMB or simpsons 4p arcade game deserves a 0, working or not. Plus, for the shear fact that there’s a door to nowhere, that deserves a 1 on its own merits. Do you have a door to nowhere??? I rest my case.

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