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1PStart Review: San Francisco

by PacoDG

I am back! I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. After a much needed vacation from everything for a couple of weeks, I am well rested and back to my precious precious video games (okay, I managed to squeeze in a few hours of Call of Duty 4 at my cousins house on some restless nights in California). My travels took me from San Francisco, to L.A., and a few other cities that I can’t even remember (if you honestly didn’t know, Cali = Huge). Now onto a couple of gaming related happenings on my journey:

My picture of this claw machine does not do it justice in showing how big it was. Still, I had to share, it was taken on Pier 39. At the very same pier, my brother, cousins, and myself went to a fairly nice sized arcade, where we found a nice couple playing one of those drop a token in and hope to get some prize ticket type games called “The Simpsons Kooky Carnival.” If you own an arcade, do NOT buy this game!

I am a Simpsons nut, so I was pretty much waiting for these people to get off this machine already, then I looked down to see they had the biggest pile of tickets I have possibly ever seen (I do not exaggerate when I say they had well over 8000 tickets, when I was cashing in my tickets for prizes they were still at the prize counter picking out games/stuffed animals/candy, etc). I ended up waiting it out for them to leave at the same time watching their strategy. They had figured the game out, with just 3 tokens, you could easily walk away with 100+ tickets. After they left, I quickly got $10 in tokens, grabbed my brother and one cousin, and quickly got to work with 20 minutes until the arcade was closing.

The secret: Memorize where you make the coin go to hit the letters W, I, and N. Okay, so not a big secret, the thing is, memorizing those spots only will cost you a buck or two, once you have it, the tokens almost always would go the same way unlike most of these type of machines, where I swear they slick them down with baby oil so your coins always go different directions.

So that last picture isn’t gaming related. I just wanted to let you know, if you were thinking about going to San Francisco, be prepared to walk past a crapload of bums. I can’t help though and admit, they were all the most creative bums I had ever seen. Mixed in with bums are street performers, some with Wikipedia pages like “The Bush Man” .. who I swear smelt like both ass and crack.

Two quick videos I just uploaded from my trip, first is the bush man doing what he does, which is hold up two bushes and scares people that walk by, afterwards requesting you give him money for scaring you:

The second, him smelling like and acting as though he is on, crack. The day afterwards he just so happened to be taking the same cable car as me and stood right in front of me. Listen to that laugh, it was scarier in person, a true crackhead:

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3 Responses to “1PStart Review: San Francisco”

  1. 1P Start » Blog Archive » 1PStart Review: Winchester Myster House Says:

    […] you ask?! Why that was the same question I asked my family as I was dragged along with them on my vacation this past week. Now that I have been, I can honestly say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it […]

  2. JW Says:

    …and here I was, hoping you were going to review the entire city of San Francisco. :p

  3. Paul Says:

    Damn you were only a few miles away from my current stomping grounds. If I’d have known you were out here I could have assassinated… I mean hung out with you.

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