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1PStart Contest: Super Mario Galaxy Coin Winner!

by PacoDG

I apologies for not being able to get this out quicker as I planned, however, the results are in, out of all valid entries for the contest, picked .. *drum roll* … Comment #5 ..Heather Bennett who answered the question of what Mario does to earn his coins,

Mario earns his coins by hitting a block. Yes, that is what it looks like…Simple and innocent, right?


When Mario pounds that poor block into submission with those stubby little fists, what he is really doing is committing a CRIME. He is mugging the block and stealing its hard-earned coins. Like taking candy from a baby. Or stealing a purse from an old lady on the streets. Yes, Mario is a criminal. A greasy little plumber. He’s just able to get away with it because, well, the block can’t chase him down (it has no legs) and it can’t rat him out (it has no voice…or mouth for that matter). So yes. For shame, Mario. For shame.

Amazing the things you people come up with. I suggest reading the other entries made (link). A good amount of you people have your minds in the gutter btw! Thanks all you people who entered this contest, if you haven’t already, there is still time (just today!) to get a chance to get Call of Duty 4 Collectors Edition and a bunch other stuff right here.

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