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Call of Duty 4 Huge Giveaway - Enter Now!

by PacoDG

Since myself and JW’s days at Xbox360Rally, we have been able to provide some pretty good prizes for contests and giveaways. Today I bring to you something we have had under wraps for a while now, the motherload of prizes from just two poor gamers like ourselves. Right now you are about to enter to win a raffle for:

Call of Duty 4 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360 Version)
Call of Duty 4 T-Shirt (XL, has a cool design btw)
Call of Duty 4 Hardcover Art book (sweet!)
Call of Duty 4 Official Strategy Guide

Some pictures (click to enlarge a bit)

Now, the official rules on how to win and other such jargon:

Make a comment on this page including two things:

# Type a gun sound effect.
(”Bang” / “Pew Pew” / and just about anything else is acceptable as an entry)
# Your Xbox Live GamerTag.

Make sure the email contact you are required to put in to leave a comment, is a valid address. Contest will end on Wednesday, December 19th at 11:59pm EST, so make sure to get your comment in before then.

All valid entries will be thrown into a list with the top number being the winner. Keep in mind this contest does not interfere with the Super Mario Galaxy contest going on, so feel free to enter both. Big Thanks to RocketXL and Activision for this awesome CoD4 pack.

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121 Responses to “Call of Duty 4 Huge Giveaway - Enter Now!”

  1. Adam Says:


    Gamertag: Guagloves

  2. Jeff Says:

    boom. chk-chk. boom. chk chk. boom.

    and gamertag is badlydrawnjeff.

  3. Robert Says:

    Psh Psh

    Gamertag: Scrixx

  4. Brian Says:


    Gamertag: Xerosnake90

  5. Kit Says:


    Gamertag: kaizokukitsune

  6. Josh Says:


    Gamertag: jsk2025

  7. Stewart Bananas Says:

    Pew Pew

    Gamertag : GoS CPT Stewart

  8. Corncob Says:

    Puchoo Puchoo

    Gamertag: Corncobtacular

  9. Charlie Says:


    gs leiden

  10. Kosamus Says:

    uthup uthup uthup uthup

    Gamertag: Kosamus

  11. Abras Says:

    boom boom, wakka wakka, boom

    Tag: Abras1

  12. Kryptinite Says:

    chi chi chi chi chi

    Gamertag: Kryptinite

  13. XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » 1PStart Call of Duty 4 Huge Giveaway - Enter Now! Says:

    [...] the official rules on how to win and other such jargon: Make a comment on this page (click link!) including two things: # Type a gun sound effect. (”Bang” / “Pew [...]

  14. BFeld Says:


    GT: BFeld13

  15. Steve519 Says:

    pew pew, pew pew

    GT: Steve519

  16. Call of Duty 4 Huge Giveaway - Enter Now! | Platform Nation Says:

    [...] Call of Duty 4 Huge Giveaway - Enter Now! [...]

  17. Reaprar Says:


    GamerTag: Reaprars

  18. Shadow Says:

    bang bang wiki wiki drums solo

    GT: Shadow OMGWTF

  19. Desz Says:

    Pratt Pratt Prattttttt!!

    GT: mO DiNeRo

  20. Marcio Says:


    That’s a potato cannon by the way


  21. Brian Says:

    Pew pew pew!

    GT: NihonTiger90

  22. Matt Says:

    BAM! *shell* chik chik BAM! *Shell* chik chik

    GT: lil Jack 05

  23. Shinji Says:



  24. MrB4 Says:

    Bang Bang Pew Pew

    GT: Mr B4

  25. ZServ Says:


    Halo shotgun, then reload. :D

    GT: ZServ

  26. mike Says:

    bang bang bang, i hit you.

    GT: Agent Embryo

  27. Matthew Gallant Says:


    Gamertag: MrQuixotic

  28. BHZ Says:

    Silenced RP-90:

    *whoosh* ::headshot::

    GT: SmokingRobot

  29. LostCrichton Says:

    Blam! Blam! Blam!

    GT: LostCrichton

  30. Vlambo Says:

    BANG! Reload! BANG! Reload! BANG!

    Gamertag: Vlambo

  31. Zac Says:

    Bang! Owww that was my foot!


  32. Dynamik123 Says:


    GT: dynamik123

    (I have COD4 on my gamertag but that was a rental)

  33. NivelNad Says:


    GT: mutumbo1000

  34. zizzy Says:


    Gamertag: z1zzy

  35. 007 Says:



    gt: salman707

  36. Thomas Says:

    phyoo-phyoo. phyoo-phyoo-phyoo.

    GT: Ascythopicism

  37. lilgamefreak786 Says:

    Imma Chargin Ma Lazerz! Schwoop Da Woop!

    and incase the above doesnt qualify then:
    bang bang bang!

    gt: lilgamefreak786

  38. Brian Raucci Says:

    ZURT~ ZURT~ (Its a laser gun… or a shocker…)

    GamerTag: Raucci

  39. pi Says:


    ^star wars death laser thingies^

    gamertag: p1zzaface

  40. Steve Says:

    pow pow pow

    tag: tecrangle

  41. JoEDigiTECH Says:

    PFf-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f (silenced scorpion)

    fft fft fft fft (melee kills)

    Silent but deadly.

    GamerTag: JoEDigiTECH

  42. live_ameriphile Says:


    gamertag: live_ameriphile

  43. Darke Says:


    Gamertag: xDarkex

  44. Moon Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, a M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, 120mm main gun.


    Thank you, my years of military service have served me well.


  45. Zidicus Says:


    Gamertag is Zidicus

  46. Octocamo Says:

    # “Rat-a-tat…tat”

    # Gamertag: Octocamo

  47. Taylor Says:


    Gamertag: kaot1c k1ller

  48. Bigcee Says:

    *whoooosh* BAOOMM!

    Gamertag: GrandmasterCee

  49. Mike Says:


    GT: X3R0 9

  50. squirmymalo Says:

    click click boom


  51. CrY 4 WaR Says:

    bang bang

    Gamertag: CrY 4 WaR

  52. Jake Says:

    *click* *click* tattattatta

    Gamertag: Alpha Factor

  53. jesus Says:


    gt: marinn00

  54. InsurgencyMusic Says:

    Boom boom boom


  55. Christopher Colon Says:

    pew pew pew *click* *click* chk chk boom

    GamerTag: Sirhc89

  56. john richard burton Says:


    gamertag : SAYNTofSYNNERS

  57. Ryan Says:

    Meow Meow Meow

    Cat Gun FTW!

    Tag: Roushiei2

  58. Tom Wilson Says:

    Rata-tat-tat. Bang gos the gat.

    GT: Tom the Stoner

  59. Mike Says:

    Chick Chick BooM!!! (shotgun)



  60. Vaux Says:

    Vaux: This must be the worst idea for a contest that I have ever se…


    Vaux: *lays motionless*

    1pstart: What was that again?


  61. Diaz Says:

    ok and forgot the gamertag. so startin that over. ridiculous.


    by the time the bullet hits, it’s too late anyway.

    gamertag: eh22

  62. James Says:

    (Above = fail)

    Pew Pew

    GT: Stewarto

  63. OhioYankee Says:

    thoomp thoomp thoomp thoomp thoomp (mk19 automatic grenade launcher)

    gt: OhioYankee

  64. chris1234 Says:

    chk-chk phoooowww phoooow

    Gamertag: Badboi Chris

  65. Ken Says:


    ^ M1 garand FTW!

    Gamertag: TheRipper one

  66. SplinterC Says:




  67. Chris Says:

    Bam….psh psh….Bam….chk chk…..Boom

  68. Chris Says:

    Gamertag: M4sterOfSkulls

  69. Pablo Carrau Says:


    Gamertag: Concept211

  70. Alex Says:


    GT: kriepie

  71. Ray Says:

    Click Click Boom

    Gamertag: PSUtrife

  72. simen Says:


    gamertag: prytzz

  73. Chris Says:

    prraaa praaa praaa kaaashiing (reload)

    Gamertag: Oakiethegreat

  74. David Says:

    Ka POW

    Gamertag: Boognishlicker

  75. Chris Says:

    FWOOMP! (silence) BOOM! grenade launcher

    Gamertag: Switchfront

  76. Butwheaty Says:


    Bieeeeeeeeeeggeegegeegegegegegegegegegegeggegegegegegegegegeg ege ge ge ge ge g e ge ge ge g eg e ge ge ge g eg eg e ge g eg e ge ge ge g e gee g e geg e ge ge g eg egege g e ge ge g eg e ge

  77. B1G KAHUNER Says:

    Clink (damned gun Jammed)


  78. Vizruy Says:

    Shump, shump! Wacka, wacka, wacka, schawzzzz!

    GT: Vizruy

  79. LordDilly Says:

    Ma Deuce (caliber fifty machine gun):
    Bup Bup Bup Bup… Bup Bup Bup Bup…

    GT: LordDilly

  80. vestafiregoddes Says:

    Kippity cap ka-pow

    GT: vestafiregoddes

  81. Th3 Blaz3king Says:

    bang bang pew pew boooooooooooooom

    Gamertag:th3 blaz3king

  82. ezporter Says:

    …ppprrraaaaatttt ppprrraaaaatttt tetetetete….

    gt: ezporter

  83. aayanna Says:


    gamertag: aayanna

  84. Hoodoo Says:

    Sploosh (water gun)

    Gamertag: h00d00

  85. Marshall Says:

    pling-kouuuuuw………. *poof*
    pling-kouuuuuw………. *poof*
    pling-kouuuuuw………. *poof*


  86. MattyCrack Says:


    Tag: MattyCrack

  87. Janice Davis Says:


  88. Justin Says:


    GamerTag: forever tick

  89. Robert Aitchison Says:

    GrrGrrGrrGrrGrrGrrGrrGrr (The sound a CIWS makes, or as close to it as I can describe)

    Tage: raitchison

  90. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Call of Duty 4 Updates On The Way Says:

    [...] We are giving away the collectors edition of Call of Duty 4, so you could possibly have it and the updates will be all ready for you) — Call of Duty 4, [...]

  91. Stallion Says:

    bow chicka wow wow

    gamertag stallion

  92. Brian Says:

    Ka-Koosh Ka-Koosh

    Tag - ForsakenF8

  93. Zac Says:


    Gamertag Zizzac342

  94. shawn Says:

    zuuuuuuuuuuu dadadadadadadadadadat

    GT: Nokkturnal

  95. Dwey Says:

    Bap bap bap bap bap
    GT: Titanium ia

  96. Sage Says:

    Dooga Dooga

    GT: N1×0n4Pr3z

  97. Snake Says:

    GT: SnAkE705

  98. Twizlex Says:

    # *guh-guh-guh-guh-guh-guh*

    # Twizlex Crunch

  99. SteveC Says:

    *tink tink tink tink tink*

    Silenced P90

    gamertag: turbsbc

  100. kitty Says:

    #choom choom choom (laser)


  101. ev1l donkey Says:

    phew phew phew phew
    gamertag: ev1l Donkey

  102. Will Says:

    *Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop*


  103. Alex Schackow Says:


    Gamertag: GorgorothX

  104. nickyclarke Says:

    I bullet
    Bang bang!

    gamertag: The14thLetter

  105. BONES5312 Says:


  106. Chad Says:



  107. Mark Says:

    ka-pow pow ratatat ratatat bang bang

    gamertag: psilocybe mind

  108. Caner Says:

    Blakka blakka

    Gamertag: Ibn al Turki

  109. Lee Says:

    pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew
    gt: jedipoox

  110. Dustin Says:

    Kapow Kapah!

    Gamertag: Erix Erix

  111. James Says:


    GT: JD Elite

  112. Frogmama Says:

    …… (ninja gun)

  113. TeeTocks Says:


    GT: TeeTocks

  114. Nalidz Says:


    GT: King Agam

  115. qbix Says:

    As a spanish speaker, machine guns make the following sound to me (roll those R’s… big time)

    gamertag: qbix

  116. dcNate Says:


    GT: dcNate

  117. Darascon Says:

    brrrap brrap brrrap **click click*** god damn jamming son of a…..

    GT: Dacoto

  118. KJmoon117 Says:

    *click click click click*

    Gamertag: BlackFox117

  119. Colin Avrech Says:

    “Cadunk plink patuh”

    Gamertag: cooldudes202

  120. Cody Baker Says:

    (Swoosh,Dink) Click CLank Clonk (Swoosh,Dink)

    )-Sniper RIfle


  121. ROCKZ Says:

    Boom, woosh, kersplash.
    The sound of an RPG being fired and then hearing the body fall into the river.
    That’s a zero by the way.

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