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1PStart Contest: Super Mario Galaxy Coin

by PacoDG

Oh boy, do we have a sweet contest for you here at 1PStart (actually, we have two, but one at a time folks!). Right now up for grabs is a Super Mario Galaxy coin that was only made for those who had pre-ordered the title. Did I pre-order? Nope. I just happened to be buying Super Mario Galaxy at a Target that did not mind giving me a couple of these coins they had behind the counter. Since it was such an easy swag for me to grab for you guys, it should then be no big hurdle for you to jump to try and win it yourself (but I will be damned if I still don’t love all the Sonic the Hedgehog photoshop entries from a few months ago). Here is how to win, no photoshop skills necessary (but will be accepted), however in the end, the winner is going to basically be completely random. Keep reading:

In the comments section below, simply write or draw, what does Mario do to earn his coins? Be creative, or just write in “hits those gold boxes with the question marks on ‘em ya dummy” .. I do not care, as long as the question is answered with either text or a picture, you are eligible to win the coin and your name will be put in to pick a winner.

Make sure to leave an email address with your comment! Now get going, you have until December 15th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced on Sunday!

Check out these pics of the actual coin in action:

Notice the smooth box it comes in, same size as a regular Wii game box for ease of storage.

Yes, this thing is so collectible, it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

And a few little words added to the box about the game, how nice.

(pssst.. hey, did you catch in that first paragraph I mentioned another contest coming up very soon, well, I don’t want to say too much, but, I think a picture is worth a thousand words .. so click here and look at what is to come)

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47 Responses to “1PStart Contest: Super Mario Galaxy Coin”

  1. DVDdesign Says:


  2. Bill Says:

    What does Mario do to earn his coins?

    He makes you do all the work for him. :-p

  3. lilgamefreak786 Says:

    mario takes coins out of people’s pipes

  4. games396 Says:

    According to this is what mario said

  5. Heather Bennett Says:

    Mario earns his coins by hitting a block. Yes, that is what it looks like…Simple and innocent, right?


    When Mario pounds that poor block into submission with those stubby little fists, what he is really doing is committing a CRIME. He is mugging the block and stealing its hard-earned coins. Like taking candy from a baby. Or stealing a purse from an old lady on the streets. Yes, Mario is a criminal. A greasy little plumber. He’s just able to get away with it because, well, the block can’t chase him down (it has no legs) and it can’t rat him out (it has no voice…or mouth for that matter). So yes. For shame, Mario. For shame.

  6. DJZ Says:

    mario doesn’t earn his coins — the coins earn mario

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  8. godzilla1987 Says:

    He earns coins by plumbing for everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom :P

  9. Sarah Says:

    His coins are the monetary compensation for the blocks giving him repeated concussions.

  10. Yoshi Says:

    Mario earns coins by pwning blocks, shells, boxes, and other random objects that have no business possessing coins in the first place.

  11. darascon Says:

    If you’re crafty enough to get to the bonus level after beating random crabs and turtles in the sewers, then coins are your reward. Beware the fireball and wacky jumpy mosquito critter.

  12. Kosamus Says:

    Maybe Mario thought their was Chocolate inside, because he never bus anything and he is a bit on the heavy side. Either that or the princess is printing money faster than people can place in question marked boxes.

  13. Dark Magician Says:

    You wanna know what Mario really does to earn those fancy coins? Before Mario entered the Mushroom Kingdom, he was a plumber, and we all know that they like to over charge for their services. So, Mario decided to go to a place he found in his phone book, a place known as Princess Peach’s castle. He knew that a castle was bound to have a bunch of pipes to be unclogged and many rewards to give, so he applied for the job and immediately started plumbing everything he could get his hands on. Peach, however, thought that if she gave him all the coins that he deserved that he would abandon her, so she kept them all until the day she thought he was ready to leave. Little did she know that Bowser was after her coins, and that’s when she got kidnapped. Mario knew she was loaded with coins, and that’s why he goes out of his way to rescue her. He could easily leave through a warp pipe to his own land, but instead goes across the land for the princess in hopes that he may one day earn his coins. Bowser knows this, so he cleverly steals Peach’s purse and hides the coins around various paintings, graffiti art, and planets. And now you know the real explanation for how he gets his coins-Exactly as you think he does.

  14. Ripper Says:

    mario gets his coins by betting on illegal yoshi races.

  15. sbj2003 Says:

    what does Mario do to earn his coins?

    he does top secret work for the government!! “plumber” is his codename

  16. Rebecca Says:

    Mario has been in an array of different games, working different professions, doing different odd jobs for everybody, for decades. How do you think he earns all those coins? ;)

  17. Queen_Zelda Says:

    What does Mario do to earn his coins?

    Mario thrusts his fists into anti-gravitational cubes.

  18. Facoro Says:

    —He earned his coins by doign a few things he aint proud of. Dont ask him - he’d rather not talk about it now.

  19. gamersent911 Says:

    mario obtains coins by hitting blocks n blokes, silly

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  21. Robert Says:

    Well he’s gonna collect as many as he can, mold them into a gun, then shoot peach the next time he has to save her >.>

  22. Reaprar Says:

    Well, He pulls up and smacks a ho until those coins count out, then he spends then on crack.

  23. White mage Says:

    Mario earns his coins cuz he needs em. He does whatever it takes to get em you name it. Just look at that look in his eyes……………

  24. Matthew Gallant Says:

    He jumps into the coins, at which point they flicker and dissapear. Where do they go? Noone knows.

  25. MrRed Says:

    He pimps out Peach why do you think He’s always rescuing her!(he’s a very bad pimp)

  26. Brian Raucci Says:

    Mario searches out and picks up all the change (coins) that the koopas don’t care about and leave around the mushroom kingdom.

    Being a plumber doesn’t pay much and saving the princess gets him nothing… because she is a cockteasing, stingy, bitch. Apparently Koopas are rich or something…

  27. FalloutBoi Says:

    Mario Mario gets his coins from koopas, goombas, and the like. Where exactly does he get them from? Let’s just say that Mario is a proctologist. > : - D

  28. Ken Says:

    Mario gets his coins from coin matches in super smash bros of course!

  29. 2000gameosity Says:

    Q: How does Mario earn his coins?

    A: He is a Mushroom Kingdom mobsta boss & he “whacks” blocks & koopas.

  30. "Missy" Says:

  31. Dave Says:

    Mario gets coins by jumping on enemies and then stealing their wallets..

  32. ^^Envee^^ Says:

    Mario gets his coins by bullying all the little guys. Sometimes he’s forced to kill them for their coins, but on the bright side: most of the drones will respawn with their cash once he reenters the screen. :)

  33. strong_bad Says:

    The plumber plumbs. That is how he has always earned his coins.

  34. Hoodoo Says:

    Mario earns his coins by selling ad space on his popular website “”.

  35. Justin Says:

    Mario gets his coins by stealing from the rich bowser and giving them to himself

  36. kitty Says:

    Steals ‘em from Peach.

  37. Allen Says:

    Mario gets his coins from hitting blocks, ya dummy. ;)

  38. GameJunkie Says:

    The coins Mario earns,
    as you will soon learn,
    come both from friends and from foes.
    And if you should question,
    the things that I mention,
    dear Mario will break your fat nose.

  39. Mrs. Mario Says:

    He gets his coins from blocking hits! Err I mean hitting blocks!

  40. Derf Says:

    the mario bros get their coins from ho’s and foes

  41. Franklin Says:

    Mario earns the coins by learning to wheel and deal like a pro. He needs to pay for that addiction to mushrooms, after all….

  42. Leon Kennedy Says:

    “In the comments section below, simply write or draw, what does Mario do to earn his coins?”

    It depends on the game duh. To get his coins he might decde to dance, fight, race, unclog pipes, play party games, play sports or run erands. Whatev he feels like.

  43. S.A.B. Says:

    Mario earns coins by ****INSERT CLEVER PHRASE HERE****

    *shrug* I’m not gonna pretend to be clever.

  44. Diane Says:

    Mario earns his coins by working hard and pleasing decades of kids and grown-ups alike.

  45. Grant F. Says:

    He gets coins from blocks

  46. Grant F. Says:

    Was the winner already announced yet or am I looking in the wrong place.?

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