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The Canceled Halo MMO

by Paul

I’m still not sure if I can believe this is real, but the story broke that there was a Halo MMO at work at the former Ensemble Studios at one point. A Halo MMO isn’t such a bad idea, I suppose, but when the images from the project came out, well… I’m glad this thing is dead.

Just how in the Hell does this look like it belongs in a Halo game? If the developers were going with an angle that the game took place in the far future and the characters had tech that acted like magic (as I’m guessing by the images) then I’d have had had zero interest in the game. Halo is about shooting, plain and simple. A Halo MMO to me would be one giant world that was always at war, a massive first person shooter. Halo isn’t World of Warcraft and never should be.

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