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Tformers G1 Games… Where are They?

by Paul

I can’t figure out why there isn’t an awesome Transformers game out there that’s based on the G1 Transformers. Just think about it, you’ve got robots that turn into things that are also loved by thousands of hardcore fans who also just happen to play video games. You’d think that there’d be a whole series of Transformers games out by now. But what do we get? Not much with the latest being a crappy tie in to the even crappier movie.

Well if you are jonesing for some G1 Transformers action, there is a cell phone game available. The game is called Transformers: The Awakening and you can play a demo here. I played a little bit of it and it seemed surprisingly good. I encourage you to buy it if you like it, because I can’t think of any other way to encourage developers to make more Transformers games based on the original run of the toys/cartoons/comics. Hell, why isn’t this on the DS or available as an arcade game on the big boy consoles?

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