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Gamer Blog Rivalries

by Paul

In order to drum up some more traffic for this site, I figured the best way would to write entertaining and informative articles. I quickly nixed the idea because it seemed like a lot of work. My second idea was to attack other game related websites and blogs until they couldn’t take it anymore. It is a tactic that most gaming blogs use and it usually works.

Here’s some facts that you probably didn’t know about Kotaku:

1. The writers have never actually played a video game.
2. Kotaku smells.
3. The site is owned by Pandas. PANDAS!

I hope that the first volley that I have launched against the mighty Kotaku will really show them… something and bring me more traffic… somehow. Oh it’s so genius that it just might work.

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9 Responses to “Gamer Blog Rivalries”

  1. Overseer Says:

    But Pandas are cute and cuddly!

    Now Zombie Pandas, that’s a different story.

  2. Jason P Says:

    I saw a zombie panda once… it was writing articles for Kotaku

  3. Scott Says:

    The attack has been launched.

  4. Kezins Says:

    Kotaku is more or less an article mill. I’d basically call them the reverse Robin Hood of game blogs considering they tend to steal material from small blogs and give to the bigger ones. For a corporate sized site, it’s funny how they have nothing original. I used to send them tips until they started taking the tips and giving a credit link to some obscure site.

    There’s really no point in waging war on them though. They already have enough links and Page Rank where it would take years to take them down.

    They even stole quite a bit of material from 1PStart back in the old days… LOL

  5. Paul Says:

    Well, I’m going to chalk this one up as a success considering I’ve gotten more comments on this post than any other in oh let’s say three months.

    Thanks for coming out of the woodwork fellas. heh and nice to see you again Kezins.

  6. Kezins Says:

    lol I still check out 1P when I get a chance..just don’t comment much. I’ve been blogging for several years and I’m still not sure what the secret to comments is yet. Sometimes we’ll get no comments on something I thought was awesome and 40 on a so-so post.

  7. PacoDG Says:

    Me and James ended up having a small discussion just about Kotaku. What it comes down to, is a mix of what Kezins is saying as far as grabbing every article known to man and posting it no matter what, and having very few really ‘good’ writers. Even Brian Crecente himself is slacking… he f’n posted about the Guitar Hero Aerosmith demo being available a week before it actually was, never posted an edit to the story or any source (or booted up his ps3 or 360 to see if it was actually available). I’m done ranting, Kotaku is what it is (which is basically N4G without as many articles on the front page)

  8. PacoDG Says:

    Btw, when is this other 1pstart author going to put a post up !? This “Steve Shickles” character ;D

  9. Kezins Says:

    I agree.. Kotaku is basic crap. The best stories on the entire net tend to come from smaller sites that aren’t influenced heavily by the corporate machines. It’s funny how people with less money and far less resources are putting out better information. I’d really have to assume that the only answer for this is that Kotaku and other big game sites have grown complacent and lazy. This is good for us though.

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