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Neo-Geo Coming Soon To Virtual Console

by BB


Nintendo is a pretty smart company. They see how we all drool week after week for the virtual console updates. Well, it seems the Japanese Nintendo site has confirmed that they will be offering Neo-Geo games sometime in the Spring.

This could mean huge sales for the virtual console since when the Neo-Geo originally came out, it cost approx. $600. So the only way normal people experienced Neo-Geo games were in the arcade. Games that come to mind that would be huge for the virtual console are Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, and King of Fighters.

[Via CVG]

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5 Responses to “Neo-Geo Coming Soon To Virtual Console”

  1. Paul Says:

    So am I abnormal for playing NeoGeo games on Mame for the last three years… for free?

  2. Chad Says:

    I want Dreamcast games. They are all less than a gig. I dont care if it has to be on 360 or wii or whatever

  3. Paul Says:

    Buy an old dreamcast and get all the games you want!

  4. Kezins Says:

    Neo Geo had some good games, but it wasn’t worth the price tag. My neighbor had the system so I would play it at his house every week.

  5. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Neo Geo joining the VC family Says:

    […] reported by 1PStart, Nintendo has officially confirmed the addition of the Neo Geo to it’s ever-growing Virtual […]

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