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Red Ring of Death Fix

by BB

We never knew Brazilians were genius technicians. When I think of Brazil, all I think of is Futbol fanatics and alot of trees. But according to this video, these two Brazilian guys have figured out how to properly fix their Red Ring of Death. I could only imagine how long it would take to get it fixed by Microsoft’s customer support team. I mean, in America it takes about a week 1/2. For Brazil…I’d say….5 months.


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74 Responses to “Red Ring of Death Fix”

  1. Supafroman Says:

    yeah thats a neat quick fix. It also works for ipods.(trust me it worked for mine)

  2. neoMAX Says:

    This is how you fix all electronics (I can personally verify it).

  3. Steve Tibbett Says:

    I had a 360 that was exactly like this. I’d get the rings, whack it on the left side, and it would work again for a while. Eventually it did die completely, though.

  4. ikerhoek Says:

    They surely did it to get the headlines. They love them.

  5. Meleca Says:

    It’s actually “futebol”.

  6. Pedro Vanzella Says:

    Dude, c’mon!
    It’s ok for you to think those things, but not to say them on Digg!
    Just so you know, our (I’m brazilian) voting system is far better than yours, electronic and stuff. We get our taxes done with a open source software made by the government. And we probably have less trees than you guys do in the USA.

    And, yes, it’s futebol :D

  7. scott leblanc Says:

    i don’t know about this, when one of my xbox’s got the rings, it would sometimes boot up fine and be good for like 5 minutes before it crashed again. might be a quick fix though

  8. TheJackal161 Says:

    You mean fewer trees.

  9. HanktheTank Says:

    The Fonzie works every time!

  10. Rob Says:

    This will work only a limited number of times. By the time you crack a solder trace or the board itself you got a bigger problem.

    (we used to fix Atari ST’s with a technical drop) - same limitation

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  12. robert Says:

    i dont trust them. i think they h4x.

  13. FastJimmy Says:

    Ah, a very careful application of percussive maintenance. Clever.

  14. splynncryth Says:

    There was a very old Apple computer that would overheat, cause the solder to melt, and the chips would come loose. the fix was to leave the system on for a while so it got hot, then disconnect it and drip it a few times from a height of a few inches. The parts were settled as the solder cooled. I wonder if the fix here is doing something similar.

  15. mr.period Says:

    alot => a lot

  16. Gary Roberts Says:

    I figured that out months ago when I crosschecked my xbox 360.

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  18. Coffee Zombie Says:

    IDK what causes the 360 failure, but the above mentioned ipod fix is also my solution to hardrive failure. I’ve traded my ipod in twice under warranty, and when it finally expired, I thought I was stuck with a bricked ipod. After about 2 months of the thing getting knocked around the floor of my room, a friend picked it up, and to my surprise, began browsing through my songs. It was only after later dropping it that I realized how to fix it though. I think its the part of the HD that reads the platter, but I’m not sure. The fix has worked well over 50 times, and I thought it would have permanantly died long ago.

    After typing this up, I realize theres no point in my post. I always end up ranting when I get high.

  19. ow3n Says:

    @FastJimmy: percussive maintenance is a good one! Never heard that one before. I always used to call the practice ‘applied science’.

  20. Xaro Says:

    You do realize that Brazil is part of America, and USA is only a PART of NORTH AMERICA, it’s not even the biggest part of america…

  21. from VT Says:

    hey dude, you are an asshole
    take a look what i remember when i think in of american people

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  23. Vince Says:

    This works because the RLOD are caused by the mother board being warped over time by the Xclamps that hold the heatsinks in place over the CPU and GPU. It’s simply a poor design, and I’m not sure why MS hasn’t just come out and said this is the issue. The only reason I can figure is this is because they would admit that there is a (potential) for 100% failure rate because this. The 360 is a terrific machine that was poorly designed.

    Anyway, the warping cause small breaks in the solder joints (very small, but enough). The wacking cause the motherboard to realign enough to make the connection. Your mileage may vary.

    Whatever you do, don’t do the “towel trick.” The 360 cannot possible get solder hot enough to reflow as “theorized.” You’re just expanding the parts through heat, and again making the connections. This and the whacking are both temporary.

  24. -KRM- Says:

    Awesome! Banging solves everything. It worked for game cartridges. XD

  25. malbolgia Says:

    Wow you excluded brazil from america, smart.

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  27. Diego Says:

    Umm i am from Brasil and yes this is how we fix things…ask my boss Mr Tom

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  29. Ed Says:

    Dam, i tried it, no luck.

  30. AssKilla Says:

    “I mean, in America it takes about a week 1/2. For Brazil…I’d say….5 months.”

    The guy who posted this video here is more intelligent than the guys at the video, I guess. Where Brazil is located? OMG, It’s in America, actually, in Southern America, but it’s part of America, alright?

    “When I think of Brazil, all I think of is Futbol fanatics and alot of trees.”

    No monkeys?? =(

    Well, and when I think of USA, all I Think of is fat people, having their lunch on McDonalds, drinking Coke, and puluition.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  31. from VT Says:

    i belive you are an asshole.. i really do

  32. whataloser Says:

    Too bad the guy who originally wrote this back in fucking November doesn’t work here anymore. Nice try

  33. whataloser Says:

    “Did You Enjoy this Post? Subscribe to 1P Start for Free Today”

    Your telling me I can subscribe to 1P Start for free?!? Wow! What a bargain! I mean, compared to other sites that charge $5-$10, this free subscription is badass! Thanks vultures!

  34. Geography Teacher Says:

    That’s two comments which specifically state that “Brazil is in America.”

    I thought it was standard English to use America as an abbreviated form of “The United States of America”.

    Who has ever used America as an abbreviated form of South America? Or as an abbreviated form of North America plus South America? Is this being taught in the American (be careful, I’m talking about the U.S.A., not the hemisphere containing two continents) school system? Or are the two comments above from people without enough exposure to the school system?

    I believe its somewhat common to use the phrase “the Americas” (plural) to refer to the combination of North and South America, but that is obviously not the intent of the author.

    It occurred to me that I might be being trolled here, but “AssKilla” seemed really honest in his contempt of the author.

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  36. Dirc Says:

    Fine for the 3RL information.

    Now, why criticize and diminish another country/nation?
    This was an stupid and biased allegation.
    I hope that people who came from Digg don’t take the main post too serious.
    Brazil as “soccer players and trees”? OMG…
    Should we all think that Germans are blond people that use swastika and eat sausage all day long? …or Americans as stupid and fat people that eat burger and bacons for breakfast? …or the French as people don’t wash themselves….
    Come on, let’s grow up and face the world with LESS fallacy, foolishness and stupidity.
    Let’s be smart, ok?
    Thank you.

  37. Dirc Says:

    just remedying: forgot the “who” in “…french as people who don’t…”.

  38. PacoDG Says:

    The writer of this post doesn’t even write for this site anymore, lol @ an old ass post making it to the front page of Digg (and onto other peoples blogs looking through the comments and seeing the trackbacks)

  39. Fable Says:

    LOL! Oh, wow. That’s just awesome. This just further proves if you want something fixed - smack it a few times and it’ll be as good as new. ;)


  40. Chris Says:

    Since when does smacking it a few times qualify you as a genius technician.

  41. Muddin Says:

    The guy just hit the machine as if there where no tomorrow. This is CRAP

  42. Jack Says:

    #40 Chris
    mmm, I hope you’re joking.

  43. kneehighspy Says:

    i’m tired of hearing the xclamp crap. the xclamps have nothing to do with the problem. if you will notice, once the xclamps are removed, alot of boards are warped opposite of the way the xclamps exert pressure on the boards, the boards are warped in a ‘u’ fashion opposite the xclamps.

  44. Ken Says: