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Sony and Microsoft Talking About Blu-ray Capable Xbox 360 - Add-On Or Built In Drive A Possibility

by Dave Parrack

Ever since HD DVD as a format died a bitter death back in early February, there has been speculation over what Microsoft would do now that their decision to support the format has gone horribly wrong. Now it seems that they are at least talking to Sony about the possibility of a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360, to replace the now virtually worthless HD DVD one.

Microsoft has already cut the price of the HD DVD drive to bargain basement levels, and now it seems they are keen to move on from the dead format altogether.

There are reports that not only could an Xbox Blu-ray drive be on its way, it might actually be fully integrated in to the console, rather than merely available as an expensive add-on.

According to the Financial Times, Sony Electronics US president, Stan Glasgow, claims his company is in talks with Microsoft about the possibility.

if this does happen, what’s interesting is that it would mean Sony making money on every Xbox 360 sold, as well as every Playstation 3, which regardless of sales figures would make it the big winner in this format war.

There’s been talk over the last few days of a new 60Gb model of the Xbox 360 to replace the ailing 20Gb model too, and how much more perfect would that be for the Blu-ray drive as standard?

As games get bigger, the Xbox 360 is going to need something more than just the normal DVD drive it has currently, and Blu-ray is the only possible future it has to that end.

At the moment, these are all just rumours, but I would put my money on their being at least some kind of announcement regarding a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360 by the summer. I’d also suggest that now the High definition DVD battle is over, and one winner has emerged, it wouldn’t be a gamble to integrate the drive completely.

Would you be happy to buy a new Xbox 360 with a Blu-ray drive integrated? Do you think Microsoft should just carry on as they are and not even enter in to any negotiations with Sony? As always, let us know your thoughts by commenting.

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One Response to “Sony and Microsoft Talking About Blu-ray Capable Xbox 360 - Add-On Or Built In Drive A Possibility”

  1. Frankie Says:

    woah! sounds awesome! I think that they should make it an add on so that all people that are not technologically advanced can install it, without disasembling you machine or taking it to a person to install it for you.

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