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Microsoft Reveal ‘Undertow’ As Free Xbox Live Arcade Game To Compensate For Recent Outages

by Dave Parrack

Xbox Live users were pissed off in droves over the holiday season by the random, and inexplicable outages which hit the service for over a week.

Microsoft realised the levels of anger were going to hit them badly, so announced the give away of a free game to compensate everyone affected by the downtime.

Today, they revealed the game which all Xbox Live users will be able to download for free as a sweetener. The game is Undertow, an aquatic based shooter, which normally costs 800 Microsoft points.

It will be available to download completely free from Wednesday 23rd January 2008 until Sunday 28th January 2008. I can see that 5 day period crashing the servers yet again, but fingers crossed.

Undertow is actually one of the best looking, and highest rated games on the Arcade network, so Microsoft have chosen well, and very generously on this occasion. It features a full single player campaign, on and off line co-operative play, and multi player for up to 16 players for Gold subscribers.

Those of you who have already purchased the game should contact Xbox support for a full refund, although don’t blame us if they refuse.

[Source: 360 Monster]

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2 Responses to “Microsoft Reveal ‘Undertow’ As Free Xbox Live Arcade Game To Compensate For Recent Outages”

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