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Jack Thompson Now After Wendy’s Toys

by BB


I don’t like giving Jack Thompson any attention because it’s what he wants, but he really has gone too far with his latest claim.

It seems Jack Thompson has his crosshairs on Wendy’s. Yes, Dave Thomas’ Wendy’s. The fast food restaurant with the delicious burgers and very thick frosties. And the reason for his attack is just as absurd as the very idea that Thompson would be going up against Wendy’s.

Wendy’s is including Wii related toys into their kid’s meals, and here’s how Jack Thompson interprets that as something bad:

a.) Manhunt 2 is what Thompson calls a “murder simulator”

b.) Manhunt 2 will appear on the Wii (among other systems)

c.) Wendy’s is promoting the Wii, therefore;

d.) Wendy’s is promoting Manhunt 2, which promotes murder

There aren’t any words to describe the idiocy of Thompson’s latest claim. I mean, does he really think that Wendy’s is promoting Manhunt 2 by offering Wii related toys in their kid’s meals? I understand if they were Manhunt branded toys (which might be kind of awesome actually), but the toys that are being offered don’t say anything about Manhunt at all. Why does Thompson have to put a negative and absurd spin on everything?

[Via GamePolitics]

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6 Responses to “Jack Thompson Now After Wendy’s Toys”

  1. PacoDG Says:

    Jack Thompson is an ass. All this story does is remind me I have to eat Wendy’s for a week so I can keep my uber-geek status by collecting all the toys.

  2. BB Says:

    @PacoDG: True, it reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve had Wendy’s. Maybe I’ll pick up some Wendy’s on my way home tonight. Gotta love them nuggets

  3. Babylinda Says:


  4. Babylinda Says:

    Look how innocent the toys look! It is rediculous!

  5. Syko 360 Says:

    Do you think the connector for the Nunchuk would pull out of the Wiimote in the process of me choking this guy? I mean I know the cord is strong enough but the connector might let go…
    Oh sorry I have violent tendencies due to video games and can’t control myself. Thank god guys like this help protect the people.

    This guy is RIDICULOUS!!! I do need those toys and some nuggets come to think of it though. Thanks Thompson this might have passed me by without your crusade to stop it.

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    […] Thompson is an attorney who seems to have got a bit of publicity for going after purveyors of some elements of pop culture which he thinks is ruining the world, and […]

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