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Won’t You Take Me to.. Ninjatown

by PacoDG

I hope you made sure to read that title outloud to yourself to the tune of “Funkytown.”

Southpeak games has sent me a little zip file containing 4 new pics of their upcoming DS release, Ninjatown. What is Ninjatown? Well let me fill you up with as much information as I could find… which isn’t much more than what I seen DESTRUCTOID’s own Hamza CTZ Aziz had found with some internet Matlockery:

  • It’s an action-strategy game
  • There will be gameplay phases (building and combat)
  • You can level up Ninjas and create buildings
  • Fighting will have some puzzle elements
  • Other interesting notes: Created by ex-EGM staff Shawn Smith. From the way he worded the description for the game I am guessing this is going to play very similar to those “Tower Defense” games, which if you don’t know, is a very good thing (click here to play an example of this). This is just my guess though, how specifically this will play is still yet to be seen. Check the screens below.

    In addition to the above, I give you a trailer (attempt to stay seated while watching, I cannot however, stop you from bobbing your head to the beat):


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