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Justine Joli to Review Video Games

by Paul

Porn star Justine Joli was recently hired to review games for the site Das Gamer in a shameless attempt to get many hits from horny fan boys. Joli has previously appeared in such fine magazines as Penthouse, Hustler among web appearances and videos. If she’s qualified to review games is anyone’s guess, but I’d wager to say that she’s not really a “gamer girl”. I’m guessing she’s only playing games because she’s paid to. Either way, I bet she’s more talented on screen than Morgan Webb can ever dream to be. You can check out the intro on Das Gamer’s site. I’d hold off if you’re work though. It’s pretty tame, but you better be safe than sorry, especially if you’re a teacher or a priest.

Feminists out there might be spitting fire, but I don’t see this as a bad thing at all. Hey, more power to them. It’s not like I use any excuse I have to put images of hot chicks on this blog for cheap hits or anything.

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