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“Ratchet and Clank, never heard of it” - Miyamoto

by PacoDG

First some background before what Miyamoto has recently said. In an interview with Kikizo, Insomniac Marketing Director, Ryan Schneider had this to say about Mario in one quote:

There’s evidence all around us I think, of certain games that have borrowed from Ratchet and Clank. One that we’re even extremely flattered by is Super Mario Galaxy, with their spherical worlds; we did spherical worlds in Going Commando, and Up Your Arsenal. It would be amazing to think that Miyamoto-san thought that was so cool that he wanted to incorporate it into Mario Galaxy. Granted, he’s doing it in a different way, but it’s still a spherical world, so it’s flattering to see those sorts of things.

So in as polite of way as possible, he basically said that Mario’s sphere world idea was not only stolen, but it was just only a level from Ratchet & Clank. Now CVG has a new quote from Miyamoto-san when asked about Insomniacs comment:

“…we had the original idea as soon as we finished the development of Mario 64 and had been experimenting with it for many years, even on the N64. It’s not an idea we got from anywhere else,” adds Miyamoto, before adding: “I’m sorry but I have to admit that I’ve never seen the game in question. Is it a PC game?

Is it a PC game?!!? BUUURRNNN. Sadly, Miyamoto seems like such a cool and nice guy, that I really bet he hasn’t heard of the game and is just ignorant/innocent.

(Props to smiddle of YTMND for the awesome .gif header)

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2 Responses to ““Ratchet and Clank, never heard of it” - Miyamoto”

  1. Mario's Bottom Buddy Says:

    I love to lick eyelids. Its give’s me the horn

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