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“PS3 and Xbox 360 Need to be $199″ - Activision

by PacoDG

Nintendo Entertainment System 199
Nintendo Entertainment System 1986, $199

Activision CEO, Robert Kotick, has made public his thoughts on the business side of our current consoles, as well as some thoughts on the games. Within the next two years the consoles must fall in the $199 price range if mass market appeal is to be obtained. I am not sure if I completely agree with this, as to me it seems gaming is pretty damn prevalent in every household I know of, kids or no kids. Sales of Guitar Hero 3 and Call of Duty 4 have helped Activision profits big time, and I guess has given Mr Kotick a big head enough to speak on how he feels gaming is and should be (or at least given the impression to Reuters that his thoughts need to be covered).

I understand at one time the key number was $199, however I believe that time has past, over time people have learned to save money. “Back in the day” a kid would have to save up lunch money to get a walkman, now for almost the same price as a Wii, they get an mp3 player, somehow it happens.

He also lets the general public know what most of us gamers already know, that Nintendo made games are going to be the best games made on a Nintendo console. With that though, Activision, much like other companies, sees the amount of cash they can make with the Wii, however are taking it slow to ensure that Activision uses the hardware to the fullest as far as innovation goes. To end this in a happy (and realistic) way, If you take that as the way I read it, it means less ports and because of the Wii’s hardware and controls, go exclusives!


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