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Rock Band Drum Silencer Review

by Paul

If you’re a Rock Band addict and you’re sick of the click clacking of the drums, you’ve might have checked around online to find a way to quite those puppies down. While the solution is a rather simple one involving a trip to a craft store there’s a cottage industry for the lazy (i.e. me) to lessen the annoying clacking of the drums. An online bud of mine, Unleaded Logic, recently posted a review on YouTube of one such company named Drumshhh that you may be inclined to check out.

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3 Responses to “Rock Band Drum Silencer Review”

  1. qbix Says:

    GOD that was annoying. I waited and waited and waited and he didn’t demonstrate the sound difference. What kind of review is that?! Now I have to go look for videos that show someone hitting these things without music.

  2. Unleaded Logic Says:

    Well Q, one reason was because I wasn’t recording it at my studio and the standard cam’s doesn’t pick up sound to well. No point in recording the sound if its going to make the product look bad.

    But fear not, my buddy has a pair on the way and we’ll be doing a video at the studio to demonstrate the sound difference.

    Thanks for your feedback. :)

  3. Paul Says:

    If you found this through googling it, I have to add that these things really work. I put them on my Rock Band drum kit and they significantly reduced the noise.

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