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New Ghostbusters Screens

by Paul

Who doesn’t like Ghostbusters? Okay, Ghostbusters II kind of sucked but the original is a sci-fi comedy classic without equal. I’ve got some high hopes for Sierra and Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters game that they have in development for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with the lame ass name Ghost Busters: The Video Game. You can head on over to IGN for some screen shots that, put frankly, rock my socks off.

The game acts as a sort of sequel since it takes place after the second Ghostbusters film. Instead of playing as one of the main characters, you’re a new recruit. I’m not sure how much I dig this, because it would be awesome to play as one of the original characters. There’s not much else known about the story at the moment, so cross your fingers it doesn’t involve riding on the Statue of Liberty. So far the original proton pack is known to be in the game as well as the PKE meter and the ghost traps. I’m sure that there will be other types of weapons for hunting spirits and ghouls, but there hasn’t been any reports of them so far.

I’m praying that this game will actually be good. I don’t know what it is about licensed games, but it always feels like the developers will know that the title alone will sell copies so they half ass it leaving nothing but the stale taste of disappointment. Ghostbusters is a concept so inherently made for a video game that if it is well done we could have an instant classic on our hands. If done wrong, it can be… well just like every single horrible Ghostbusters game made to date.

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One Response to “New Ghostbusters Screens”

  1. Ian Says:

    Sucked? What do you mean Ghostbuster II kind of sucked? You have lost all credibility with me! Damn you paul! DAMN YOU!!!

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