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Old-School Sundays: Nintendo 1988 Inside Edition

by BB

This is a video of the very popular news show “Inside Edition” back in 1988. It’s a story on children playing video games who enter another world, full of danger, intrigue and magic. In other words, the world of the Super Mario Bros. And according to the news story, in 3 years Nintendo sold 11 million units at $100! That’s amazing!

Another interesting thing about the video is the question “Are Mario and Luigi’s last names Mario?” In this video, the representative says no, they’re just Mario and Luigi, but many die hard gamers know that Mario is their last name. So it is Mario Mario and Luigi Mario (I know, sounds dumb, but it’s true)

Enjoy this video on your Old-School Sunday.

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6 Responses to “Old-School Sundays: Nintendo 1988 Inside Edition”

  1. Steve Says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. This really brought me back to the good old days.

  2. mrjuandrful Says:

    Even the representative didn’t know they were the “Mario” brothers. That’s like saying the Everyly brother’s went by only one name. Everly and Duke…WRONG. Everly was their last names…what a jerk!

  3. BB Says:

    Haha…great point! It just goes to show you that back in the day, the US representative had no idea what was going on. But I mean c’mon, how important is their friggin last names? Who cares really? As if the game will lose all credibility by their name.

  4. Babylinda Says:

    Ahh I love me some Marios ! Lol I never had a nintendo though I went from Commodore 64 to Atari to Super nintendo ha ha!

  5. KB Klash Says:

    Was that Bill O’Reilly at th beginning?

  6. BB Says:

    None other KB ;)

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