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Old-School Sundays: Kid Niki: Radical Ninja

by BB


On Wednesday, I featured a Kid Niki flash video and I thought, what better game to feature in my Old-School Sundays article.

Here’s the synopsis of the story. Kid Niki, the Radical Ninja, is training at his Ninja school when all of a sudden, a bird is shot dead at his feet with a letter on it saying his girlfriend, Princess Margo, has been kidnapped by Stone Wizard.

The gameplay to this title was quite simple, it was a side-scrolling “sword spinning” action game which, at the end of each level, you were faced with a boss battle. My personal favorite boss was the level 1 boss, “Death Breath”. Basically, he was a character with a ginormous head with which he headbutted you if you got to close. His other attacks were a very high jump kick and also, his deadly breath, which stunned you immediately if you came into contact with it.

This game really wasn’t one of the deepest or one of the best, but the gameplay was just so simple and fun at the same time. Come back after the break for a video of the game in action.

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2 Responses to “Old-School Sundays: Kid Niki: Radical Ninja”

  1. Babylinda Says:

    This game looks really cute! I know I have heard the song before but cannot place where. I like the fact that it is like a Super Mario Bros but in Ninja Sense.

  2. Refugee Says:

    Old school sunday is my favorite segment of this website! This weeks choice KidNiki is a classic. It really had amazing gameplay and the way your character spun his sword was very cool. I spent so many quarters at the local bowling alley trying to beat this game. Then I just used gameshark on my nintendo! We would love to see Gladiator featured on an Old School Sunday. That game was one of the most innnovative side scrollers ever!

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