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Oh Noes! Treyarch behind Call of Duty 5

by PacoDG

Played Call of Duty 2 before? Great game, one of the, if not the, best launch Xbox 360 title. Call of Duty 4, what can be said, this is the FPS multiplayer game to play, I know I am personally hooked. Now Call of Duty 3, “that is not a true CoD game in the series” is basically how fans reacted to this title. What was so different between CoD3 over the others… it was made by a company called Treyarch.

Treyarch overall didn’t seem to change what you would view as a Call of Duty type game, it featured an old War as its backdrop, what more do you need for a CoD game. I guess at the time people were already bored with the World War II themes and also people seem to get attached to certain developers and dislike other hands touching their franchises.

Well it is time to dislike change again. After CoD4 has come back with the OG dev team of Infinity Ward and made what I would personally pick as a good contender for Game of the Year, Activision has now pulled back Treyarch to develop the new CoD5. To end on another sad note over this depressing news, is they will be going back to World War II for the game, no cool modern war story that CoD4 was able to pull off perfectly (suck it Battlefield 2).


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7 Responses to “Oh Noes! Treyarch behind Call of Duty 5”

  1. Father Face Says:

    this is retarded there should be a petition in order to give it back ti infinity ward because honestly WWI and WWII are over get over it not much you can create with that being your basis..cod4 is perfect could have been a bit longer but otherwise and almost perfect game and now they’re going to shove it down the crap whole……good job

  2. john doe Says:

    that would be way too much work for infinity ward to already be the next cod game considering they JUST finished cod4 a few months ago. even so, i highly disliked cod3. it was gey.

  3. john doe Says:


  4. Dynamik123 Says:

    the problem is, a lot of less informed gamers will get Cod 5 or 3 and not know the developer is different and will come to the conclusion that Cod sucks

  5. super Says:

    I just hope they don’t add vehicles like in cod3. if they do oh man I don’t even know if I would buy it. And I have every call of duty game!

  6. bob Says:

    You guys are retarded. Inifinity ward and treyarch switch off making the game. If you knew anything about call of duty is that they always switch off… Kind of like shanghai and montreal with splinter cell

  7. PacoDG Says:

    Knowing they switch off definitely does not make it easy to handle going from one of the best war games ever to the next sequel developed by a crap developer.

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