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Rock Band DLC Update: Week of 6-09-08

by Paul


This week’s Rock Band content should appeal to fans of the Indie music scene. The three pack available this week is called the MTV2 pack (after the MTV that you don’t watch), because the songs are all from finalists from something called the Dew Circuit Breakout 2007.

The songs/artists are:

* “Moving to Seattle” by The Material

* “A Clean Shot” by The Myriad

* “Bullets & Guns” by Them Terribles

In addition there will be an extra song from a band called Maximo Park. The song is called, “Girls Who Play Guitars.”

The thee pack is going for $2.99 (240 Microsoft points) or $0.99 per track (80 Microsoft points), which is a discounted price probably caused by the fact that nobody knows who the hell the artists much less what songs they sing. “Girls Who Play Guitars” is also going for the low price of $0.99 (80 Microsoft points), most likely for the same reason.

Videos and my thoughts after the break!

“Moving to Seattle” by The Material

Rock Band needs more songs with female driven vocals and more hard rocking. This song will fit both of those needs nicely. Good stuff.

“A Clean Shot” by The Myriad

If Rock Band needed one less thing, it would be douschebag rock. Sorry Myriad, your song fits that category.

“Bullets & Guns” by Them Terribles

I haven’t heard a song this forgettable in a long time. Moving on…

“Girls Who Play Guitars” by Maximo Park

A keyboard player should never rock that hard unless he’s sporting a keytar. Notice how at 1:21 the singer magically transforms into a retard. Nice!

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  • Rock Band DLC Update: Week of 6-09-08
    This week's Rock Band content should appeal to fans of the Indie music scene. The three pack available this week is called the MTV2 pack (after the MTV that you don't watch), because the songs [...]
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