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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Heroes - A Fan Rants…

by Paul

As mentioned previously on 1pstart Mortal Kombat is it going to make it’s first leap onto “next gen” consoles and it’s going to feature heroes from the DC Comics universe. In addition to the announced characters of Scorpian and Sub-Zero making their way onto the next game, comic book nerds will get to play as Batman and Superman in the Mortal Kombat universe.

More details and ranting after the break:

What’s interesting is that this Mortal Kombat game will be the first devoid of fatalities. While there are probably thousands of fanboys crying out in anguish over this (including our own Dave perhaps), it’s probably the best way to handle the situation. Think about it, DC Heroes like Batman and Superman whole philosophy is that killing their enemies is wrong. So if the DC heroes wouldn’t be killing, wouldn’t it be odd to have the Mortal Kombat characters tearing the heads off of Superman and Batman while they didn’t do the same? The best answer is to just ax the whole fatality thing. The game is also supposed to lack blood, which makes a little less sense. In the comics superheroes are always getting the crap kicked out of them and bleeding, I don’t know why they’d have to get rid of any trace of it in a game.

The most worrisome thing to come out of this news is the fact that Mortal Kombat has more or less sucked since the release of Motal Kombat III. While Street Fighter has become a successful and beloved franchise, Mortal Kombat has more or less became an embarrassing also ran. Hopefully, this tie-in game will be good and bring some respectability back to the old franchise and will be a great addition to the MK Family like Capcom vs. Marvel became for the Capcom universe. I’d love to see the return of the day when the name Mortal Kombat meant something good.

My only other worry about this game (being the extremely huge nerd that I am) is that it will be pretty unbelievable to see Superman being beat by any of the Mortal Kombat characters. Is there a single one of them that could even touch him? I mean, Superman can survive in space by holding his breath and he can throw bad guys into the sun if he so chose. It makes Johnny Cage’s nut punch seem a little lame in comparison.

Thanks to for the Mortal Kombat Updates.

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4 Responses to “Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Heroes - A Fan Rants…”

  1. PacoDG Says:

    What in the hell is going on in the news.

    “This is madness!!”

    I agree with every disagreement about seeing this title come out. Such a cool idea in theory, but already being ruined by fatalities/blood being out. I guess by having such crappy details for what would have otherwise been good news means it is only up from here (yeah right).

  2. Brandon Morris Says:


    Mortal Kombat character DO still have their fatalities. The DC characters do not, because DC heroes don’t kill people. Instead, they have “brutalities” where they beat the stuffing out of the other guy, but don’t kill them. That’s official E3 news.
    Getting beat down is both. So, there’s still blood and guts.
    The game is designed so that playing Scorpion feels like it’s Mortal Kombat and playing Batman plays like Batman.

  3. Paul Says:

    Of course it’s “bad information” look at the date on the post. It was written before they announced fatalities and brutalities.

  4. F*ck You Says:

    I want to make love to another man, but I’m so afraid of my own emotions that I accuse others of being gay and hide my true feelings.

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