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Guitar Hero III New DLC Update

by Paul

If it was ‘82, your girlfriend would do these guys with extreme prejudice.

Guitar Hero III owners can nowdownload three classic rock songs from some legendary bands. Foreigner’s “Jukebox Hero”, Boston’s “Peace of Mind”, and Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” join the stable of songs available for the game.

Now that Guitar Hero III has Journey, let’s get some Journey action on Rock Band, pretty please? Some of us want to sing along with golden tones of Steve Perry blasting from our speakers. I would cry sweet vodka tears if only “Don’t Stop Believing” was available for purchase.

And what’s with the real deal Foreigner song “Jukebox Hero” when Rock Band only gets a cover of the ultra classic tune? Wait… what in the bloody hell am I talking about? Who cares about Foreigner?

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  1. Guitar Hero III New DLC Update Says:

    […] Guitar Hero III New DLC Update And what’s with the real deal Foreigner song “Jukebox Hero” when Rock Band only gets a cover of the ultra classic tune? Wait… what in the bloody hell am I talking about? Who cares about Foreigner? […]

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