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Screenshots that will make you love Halo 3 Again

by PacoDG

heretic_dance.gifI know I can’t be the only person who has fallen prey to Call of Duty 4. Sometimes though, when you look past the huge amount of overhypeness (is that a word?!) that Halo 3 received, you still can find a solid shooter with a ton of still exclusive features, as well as it just being a very pretty game.

NeoGAF has started up a screenshot thread that has made me re-look at the beauty this game has. Using the capture mode that Bungie has provided (and still I wonder why it isn’t standard in all games now), gamers on GAF have shared both action packed and beautifully artistic screens, please take a gander at some of these pictures that borderline being called art, keep in mind as you take them all in, these are in game shots taken from players, not photoshoped/faked/etc. Start viewing after the break:

Click on any of the below to see the image in larger form.






Mr Vociferous (One of the newer entries to the screens thread, Mr Vociferous is the king of panoramic Halo 3 pictures)

PacoDG (yes.. me! It is an old picture, but I still love it, was my wallpaper for a while. I fully admit to be inspired by the original Halo 3 screenshot thread when I took that capture, flare grenade was exploding, paused it, took the camera view right inside the action for some real time visual effects, turned out nice if I do say so myself.. and I do!)


soldat 7

Spaceman Spiff

the disgruntled gamer


Vectored Thrust


[Source: The 2nd Halo 3 Screenshots Thread of Awesome - updated near daily]

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  2. j white Says:

    fucking beautiful man

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