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Rock Band DLC Update: Week of 03-23-08

by Paul


This week’s DLC brings us a lot of Boston. In fact, it brings us more Boston than you can shove in your Cheetos stained face. There are six songs in total, bringing up the Boston total on Rock Band up to seven.

The songs will be 160 Microsoft Points ($1.99) each or as a whole pack for 800 Microsoft Points ($9.99).

* “More than a Feeling”
* “Peace of Mind”
* “Smokin”
* “Rock & Roll Band”
* “Something About You”
* “Hitch a Ride”

Now I’m sure that there are a lot of Boston fans out there that will get offended by this, but as much as their music was right for the time and dare I say pretty good, it all kind of sounds a like. You hear one Boston song, you’ve pretty heard much them all.

Anyway, when I hear Boston now it is almost impossible to separate it from the death of frontman Brad Delp. Poor Brad Delp killed himself by lighting two charcoal grills in his bathroom and letting the smoke kill him. His suicide note said that he was a, “lonely soul.” God damn, that’s depressing.

Videos and commentary after the break.

More Than a Feeling

Jewfros! Mustaches! Now THAT’S Rock and Roll.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is one of those songs were I think “I have no idea what song that is” and then hear it and instantly recognize it.


Kids, don’t listen to Boston. Smoking is worse than Hitler, at least according to the obnoxious anti-smoking TV ads.

Rock & Roll Band

This song is just like my life, except for the part about being in a band and making it big.

Something About You

Really, how is this song any different than “Peace of Mind”?

Hitch a Ride

Gotta love this slow version of all their songs… and the overly long and bloated ending.

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