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Def Leppard’s Coming to Guitar Hero III, BUT…

by Paul

One of my favorite rock bands is Def Leppard and when I mean rock bands, I mean a fun band to sing along with when you’re drunk. There’s few bands that make me rock out with my cock out, but Def Leppard is one of those bands. Oh yeah, you don’t want to be anywhere near me for any reason if there’s the chance of Def Leppard in the air. In fact there’s not one band that I really want more on Rock Band than Def Leppard and the fact that they are going to have a few songs on Guitar Hero III as downloadable content gives me a little hope… except for the fact that two of their best songs, “Rock of Ages” and “Photograph” are live versions of the songs. I’m not a fan of live versions of songs unless they are significantly different than the masters and even then I only want to listen to them occasionally, not play them in a game. Live versions of songs on Guitar Hero or Rock Band are one slight step above cover songs.

Why are Guitar Hero fans stuck with live versions? Well, there’s no answer right now. My crazy theory is that they wanted to emulate Rock Band where the crowd sings along with certain songs, but then again that’s only my crazy conspiracy theory. It was probably something more mundane like a legal issue with the record company.

Source: Filefront’s Gaming Today

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