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XBox 360 Price Cuts

by Paul

The three readers of this blog who are no doubt sick of my bitching about my personal XBox 360 problems, fear not. I’m only bringing them up because now that the Xbox 360 is has an official price cut on the horizon, then the sky just got a little more clear for me. I’m assuming that this news is good for those who didn’t get an Xbox 360, but still want one. I don’t really care though, I only care about my myself.

Anyway… if you’re like me waiting for the three rings to be confirmed or are just plain out of warrenty, the cheapest Xbox is going to only cost a hundred dollars more than it would cost to fix your old crappy one. Sweet deal, huh?

Here are the prices:

* Xbox 360 Arcade - $199
* Xbox 360 - $299
* Xbox 360 Elite - $399

Now remember if you are buying your first Xbox 360, be sure you’re getting a new Xbox 360 to minimize the chances of getting the RRoD:

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