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Sonic Cigarettes

by Paul

Over on File Front I saw an interesting post pointing out some candy cigarettes that have Sega’s mascot Sonic the Hedgehog on the package.

Man, I miss candy cigarettes. There was nothing better than having a little league game and picking up a pack of candy cigarettes and pretending to smoke. It was one of the only things that I would look forward to during those games because I was so horrendously bad at sports. Still, the fake smokes I used to enjoy looked closer to long, thin bits of chalk than real cigarettes. These Sonic the Hedgehog candy cigarettes look so damn close to the real thing that I’d almost think they were real. Whether or not something like this will lead children to smoke isn’t the real question we should be asking. The real problem here is that it might encourage children to eat cigarettes rather than smoke them and that’s just wrong.

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