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PlayStation 3: A “war machine”?

by JW

For months now it seems that people have been finding new and unique ways to revive the old rumor that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will eventually find its way to the Xbox 360. Over at the GameTrailers message boards I even found a poor soul who was convinced that it would find its way to the Wii (poor, delusional sap). Most of these rumors have stemmed from Konami’s seeming to avoid the subject of endorsing the PlayStation 3.

…is calling the PS3 a “War Machine” enough of an endorsement? I got this image in my inbox sometime this morning (between the time I checked my mail and the time I got out of English) from longtime reader “Mr. Bownedjangles”. Suffice to say, it’s a gleaming endorsement for the PS3.

The U.S. Army uses the term “3D Mission” to describe missions that are “Dirty, Dull and Dangerous.” These are generally scouting and frontline recon operations. Lately, more and more 3D Missions have been assigned to machines, thereby greatly reducing the need for soldiers to handle those tasks.

In the real world, Solid Snake’s trademark solo stealth missions would fall directly into the 3D Missions category.On tomorrow’s battlefield in Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake’s missions are never dull, but are plenty dirty and dangerous. It’s as though he drains his own blood as oil for the machine of war and infuses life into the battlefield.

MGS4 is the battleground in the next-gen console war. Hideo Kojima’a weapon is his 3d system, which puts game development into the hands of three directors: Shinkawa, Murata and himself. Can they succeed thsir 3D Mission and transfuse life into Sony’s war machine,the PLAYSTATION 3?

I may not be a betting man, but I’d call that a hell of an endorsement.

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4 Responses to “PlayStation 3: A “war machine”?”

  1. unlockingsky Says:

    m$ 360 is the nazi-machine. all the m$ followers better think twice. and stfu with your “windows 4 life” slogan.
    “linux power!”

  2. Gamer Says:

    PS3 is todays answer to the Panasonic 3D0.

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