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Gamer’s Suprise: A Misfortunate XBox 360

by Paul

The most recent “gamer gets screwed” story hitting the nets lately is that a gamer purchased a 360 along with a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV at his local Target , but was surprised to find that their 360 wasn’t working upon opening the box. Why you might ask? The Xbox 360 was gutted and instead of fun giving microchips and circuits there was a book:

The book inside was the children’s book, “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, so whomever had done this must have had a sense of humor while both stealing and f-ing another person over.

You might ask how this might have happened. I used to work at a retail store and this kind of thing is all too common. I’m guessing that whoever originally bought the Xbox 360 gutted it and returned the item and the return/exchange desk only performed a cursory glance at the Xbox. The worst part about this kind of theft is that when the person that comes in pointing out that they got books inside their Xbox instead of… well an Xbox… the return desk will be a little suspicious, after all it could be a person performing a scam claiming that they had been scammed. Personally I ran into this once when I worked in electronics. A person bringing back a PS2 claimed it was filthy. After I opened the box I found a really old ass PS2 that had been around the block a few times. I let the return go through, but that was up to me. Hopefully the guy who purchased the expensive book carrier here will be able to convince the Target staff that he’s the victim, not the culprit.

Thanks to: Binge Gamer for the original story.

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