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Nintendo Wants In On Movie Playback

by JW

Movie playback is just one of those things I never found appealing with a handheld gaming system. No doubt that the PSP’s ability to play movies and television shows is cool, but come on. Who finds it practical to watch those movies on that tiny screen?

Apparently, Nintendo does.

DSVision (which for now is exclusively in Japan) is the name for the service, and what it is, in essence, is a microSD card that you insert into a DS cartridge, and then load it onto the console. Movies, TV Programs, Comics and even e-books will be able for use on the device.

While it is unknown what codecs Nintendo will use, and the card will initially be available only in Japan. The Starter Pack will contain the DS cartridge adapter and a 512MB microSD card. The starting asking price is ¥4000 ($36), and so far no mention of a US release has been announced.

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